(Or more specifically a point of ‘individual’ awareness in which cosmic consciousness rests or leverages its variables)

Today we will zoom in on the ‘space’ between inner and outer ‘value data’ as experienced through individual awareness. We aim to highlight the imbalance between the ‘imposed’, ‘outer’ realities and quality reality of our Being (this might give us insight into the absence of humans in 5D as well as inter-dimensional tension experienced within us). We will introduce the difference between condition and belief and consider how investing in those could have influenced the quality of collective ‘enlightened’ intellect. We might then be able to see why we are unable to connect to and live the Soul experiences of our Being(s) which already partake in a larger galactic community but we do not seem to be aware or unable to be present to those.

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Grace fully Yours

Keeping all three previous posts gently at the back of our awareness, let us move on to present an understanding of race which, it is hoped, will facilitate us in achieving and experiencing neutrality in ‘inter-racial’ interactions especially in collective context. Note neutrality is not inclusion, support, lack of opinion, judgement or base for moral (or racial) relativism. It is rather presented here as the pre-requisite for clarity.

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Understood… Clearly.

Welcome to the new chapter and higher demands. Today’s post is dedicated to those who understand the level of their participation in collective growth, as well as those responsible for managing or leading collective clusters at a global level. We will continue to use terminology already introduced in previous posts, and will refer to understandings already presented there. This post can inform predominantly those who are familiar with my understanding, views and level of engagement.

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The Choosing

This year we saw some significant decisions being made. People decided to march, presidents decided to ban, prime ministers decided to separate. Considering how much social and political – both domestic and international – pressure politicians face, they are doing remarkably well. I’d say it even though some of their decisions might seem contradictory. Despite the political and global uncertainty they face themselves, the way they choose to act reflects some level of stability. At least this is the impression compared to their behaviours earlier in the year. Even Mr Trump, unpredictable as he might seem, had not diverged immensely in his behaviour or actions from what he had shown or promised the world in his presidential campaign. In a way we could see it as reassuring.

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Poetically Incorrect

I have been tiptoeing around the subject for quite a while now. Many a time my wavering hand would put its pen to paper only to withdraw it quickly from committing honesty so openly. I should think it was because the matter at hand had been so close to my heart. I wish I could say the matter concerns solely the poetry, or solely ~ what man has called in his mind ~ politics. However, the matter concerns both. In equal measure, it seems.

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Integrity. Part 1.

It feels the time has come for us to understand and embody integrity. Integrity which is catalysed through chaos, crystallised within and can manifest collectively as social integration and civilizational congruence.

We will present only the aspects which are tangible for humans in their daily lives, elements of biological and mental conditioning, functioning as common sense or historic sentiment, which continually influence social structures and our attitudes towards them. I will zoom into a point of transition between two densities 4 and 5D, especially for social and political experience and the relation between the two.

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