ID-entity. Part 2.

Last year, inspired by the Scottish Referendum, I wrote about identity and indicated that externals like family, religion and nation claim the rights to our selves. I put these in ‘external’ category as these groups/phenomena can be easily identified in the outside world in form of members of family, or church, the preachers, politicians, national flags and geography.

Today I will briefly touch on inner and outer aspects of internal identifications. The process of identification takes place within but there are no external (visible) objects to identify with – instead they are concepts or inner movements which can and do hijack our autonomy both on an individual (personal) as well as the collective (social/national) level. The relationship between the levels is that the personal identification leads to formation of the collective movements and the collective concepts work through us every day.

Let us begin with inner aspect of internal identification. Unless we are disciplined in our observations, we will barely notice that our lives are run by our thoughts (or very often by the thoughts and opinions of others), emotions and biological processes. Unless we had realised we were not thoughts, opinions or emotions, identification with them cannot be observed internally. However, we can become aware of it by observing the outcome of the identification on the outside.

The identification with a particular aspect of our psyche can be visible and manifests as reaction to events or our own behaviour. One of the most elusive forms to observe are emotions, as their form is continually changing shape. Any ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ emotion rarely belongs to here and now but is an indicator of trapped energy (imprinted by the original event/experience or perception from the past – aka memory) which, when ‘triggered’, erupts violently as a reaction creating personal or national mis-identification and misunderstanding.

Why would it matter if we know what plays out within us at any given moment? Because awareness of it is pivotal in experiencing freedom.

When we act from the place of emotion (either negative or positive) our results will lack objectivity. When we are aware of what is happening in our bodies (and emotions manifest there as sensations) we are able to make a conscious choice to harness and navigate that energy according to our vision and not be at the mercy of it or those who know how to use it. Collectively such identifications are always used by those who control our society to the benefit of their agenda.

But then there is an outer aspect of an internal identification, influencing us individually and nationally on every layer of social structure. The ‘outer’ yet not visible forces which are channeled through and expressed in all 12 human, as well as planetary chakras, are the 12 core archetypes and their variations. These will overlap and blend and very often take over if what is presented to us is beyond our capacity or is spiritually overwhelming.

What inspires me is how these forces navigate whole societies and nations at large, from within, through the people, but also as a collective consciousness, in the collective mental body, which is observable in the lower to mid stratosphere of the Earth (18 – 25 km above the Earth).

For example, Israel and Palestine on the surface are dealing with archetypes of war and peace yet underneath of what we perceive as conflict (and the truth manifests as such for the public eye) these groups are entangled by archetypes of love and brotherhood. The issue is very heated because to ‘come to terms’ with the love that bonds these ‘states’ would mean the collapse of Judaism as we know it. And it’s a stale mate for the grip of that religion on human hearts and minds is as strong as the love which founded Judaism in the first place.

USA and Russia are locked in the archetype of power and are now given an opportunity to re-define it. Mainland Europe is struggling to harness and engage the archetype of Union. This archetype, as the only one, is common to every nation and society on planet Earth, and Britain has an interesting relationship with it. When we look into British subconscious we can clearly see that the deal which for centuries had been called ‘union’ by some, in Scotland’s heart, is in fact a forced marriage rather than a Divine Union, which marriage archetype represents. Scotland has to clear its misconceptions if it wants to become one, congruent nation which is represented by united thought and as such influence others.

In the next 2 to 5 years not only will we experience the collapse of timelines but also of what we had known as archetypes. They will merge, potentially creating confusion and intensity in the human psyche, to then collapse and give way to the new prototypes of love, compassion and understanding. If we so choose. Because the new is symbolised by and experienced through freedom, it is important that we become aware of what we identify with, individually and collectively, so that our processes of dis-identification become smoother and effective.

The above is also of importance to all leaders of The New generation to know what they navigate and/or stand against. And I am far from equating ‘new’ with the young of the human race. Leaders of the New are qualified by maturity of their Spirit (as opposed to their personal traits, skills, experience ‘in the world’) and many are in their earthly 50’s and 60’s as I write. Many will be called for service unexpectedly and their duty will be to stand in their Soul wisdom~power.

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