National Signatures

With the recent developments in mainland Europe and flood of ‘immigrants’ to Germany and Austria I decided to briefly share my understanding of nationalism, nationhood and national spirit, as they are distinct, often feeding off each other, but rarely in synchronicity.

Nationalism stems from biological conditioning, it is aggressive, territorial and close-minded. It is part of biological conditioning as it is present in our bodies as a geographical imprint encoded in our DNA, not as a map of borders but history of our land. We are very often defensive, protective of and claiming superiority in this area to the exclusion of others. Others will be anyone of different or ‘alien’ bloodline, looks or smell and at this stage differentiation or assessment happens in purely physical categories. We are rarely aware of this process but our bodies register the ‘our’ and ‘alien’ aspects within another (individually or collectively) and, if we had not transcended the biological conditioning, it will dictate the acceptance or rejection of another. It is primal and very often we will be telling ourselves stories as to why we rejected, discredited or plainly hated someone when in ‘fact’ our bodies made the decision before we even generated a thought. This happens in reverse also when we tell ourselves that we are attracted to someone based on other factors of attachment, expectation, hope when in fact we are not. This naturally plays out collectively in business and political deals, as well as cultural exchanges and clashes.

Nationalism is an expression of an activated root chakra. The root has to do with tribe, possessions, physicality and security. Over active root chakra results in materialism to the point of cutting off or pushing away impulses and/or information from the chakras above which are of subtler, less dense vibration. Underactive root chakra can express itself within us as being sluggish, lazy and disconnected from body. These expressions find their way also collectively and because each nation/race is evolving at different rate we will see deep differences and divisions between how nations understand and approach prosperity and well being.

The ascended root chakra also has to do with tribe but of vibrational rather than biological nature. We will seek out and connect with the groups of similar soul understanding and/or purpose, those who vibrate at the similar frequency. Safety will be found in the hearts and their embodiment rather than possessions, family or property. Nationality, status, age, gender are of no relevance here.

Moving deeper into consciousness (and further away from biological conditioning) nationhood belongs to our mental conditioning. This includes all values (as well as vices) held collectively by ‘our’ society and environment. On the core level it deals with values held by our family members and their history, then with our society’s historical inheritance, culture and cultural values, religion and/or spiritual tradition. Here we also represent ~village, ~city, ~island mentality and this will feed into our nationalism, the more close-minded we are the stronger and more aggressive our nationalism.

Nationhood relates to the solar plexus chakra. It has to do with individuation and personal power, when unbalanced it will push one’s will onto another or withdraw from any action keeping us passive, feeding into victim consciousness. Both expressions of this imbalance can be easily observed and identified on the international scene. The ascended solar plexus will express itself in self-creation, confidence based on self-knowledge rather than false identification, and ownership as well as the delivery of power to the benefit of the whole (all) rather than oneself or one nation only.

‘National spirit’ is the sum total of our transcended inheritance. It doesn’t actually exist but the name is reflective of the process of understanding. This level is experienced in the over~soul (above the crown chakra) and expressed in the third eye, it is inclusive of all levels which are present in nationalism and nationhood but is not informed by them in return. At this level we experience ourselves as masters of polarity and are no longer affected by duality, no longer attracted to or repulsed by anything, embodying the state of neutrality (which is an expression of universal benevolence or more precisely indifference). National signature is connected to and symbolised by the heart chakra ~ it doesn’t recognise any boundaries, limits or differences, sees all social/cultural conditioning as neutral, understands its gifts and potential for their application. Here we see and take life’s expressions as they are – exactly. ‘Others’ are just a different expression of the same fabric, we accept them as they are and ourselves as we are, sharing unconditionally from our particular line of experience (nationhood).

All of the above is and will be further challenged in the years to come both on individual/personal and collective levels. As our own life experience expands so will collective chakras (present in each nation as well as marked on each continent). Systems of the old will need to collapse to give way for structures of a more flexible nature and relevance for the real rather than perverted (observed in consumer/’civilised’ societies) experience of freedom.

On a practical level, I admire countries who understand their boundaries. Polish government is very realistic and clear about Poland’s economic capacity to welcome refugees and fully respects public opinion in this matter. I also respect countries like Germany, which according to their capacity, could and decided to welcome many more refugees than had ever been expected. Besides, the fleeing people of Syria never wanted to stay in Poland or Hungary – their destination had always been Germany. To be pushing one’s (Austrian or German) will onto other states of the Union, for the sake of the Union or political correctness, is really reminiscent of the regimes the West believes it had overcome or conquered. Perhaps adds to the points I made in European Diversification.

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