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celebrity politics and democratic engagement. 

In the past few weeks I had moved away from exposing myself to any news, in mainstream media or otherwise. Until recently I would regularly tune into political news as a way of measuring where and how human consciousness was shifting. I got more and more tired of the practice, the bad after taste grew stronger. I took a large step back to re-asses and study my engagement with the media material fed to us daily. After a considerable break, I took a methodical approach and for a month regularly read political reporting on particular global events from 6 different countries, across 5 different newspapers in 4 different languages to receive a fairly clear insight into why the news caused the leakage of my energy.

It did not take a lot to understand my bodily responses after this exercise. The reporting was inconsistent with what ‘actually’ happened – to know that you’d have to be in the place of the event. The newspapers were naturally biased towards economic and political strand they emerged from, shaping the image of the ‘event’ or fact according to the results they wanted to achieve, or which party in power to flatter. Additionally the event, taking place in a ‘foreign’ country was put in the context not only of the reporting culture but the one who reported. What emerged was a kaleidoscopic, fragmented, sometimes totally ‘opposite’ image of the same event. Nothing new for the media, only do we ever look at things from a wider spectrum or always take the biased view, be it democratic or Islamic, for granted, for a fact, for the truth?

That in itself explained why the news were really not contributing to my work but rather detracting from it. What’s more, to my amusement, I realised that mainstream media in the political field were not really reporting from any level of living consciousness. Regardless of which newspaper I worked with the material was generated from and related to the collective root and sacral chakras, and the shadow spectrum of the solar plexus. It is not surprising they represent and transmit chaos.

The changes which Earth is going through involve dissolving of the two timelines of the root and sacral chakras, that is – vibrationally we are going higher per two octaves and more ‘liquid’ in density. The ascended (or ascending to be more precise) human physical form and spirit will ‘go up’ in chakras so that what we knew as solar plexus becomes the ‘root’ , the heart chakra becomes the sacrum – so that our connections are really love making or love exchanging, rather than sexual or other relating of any kind. The vision becomes one with the crown chakra and the crown from becoming the connector to the universe, becomes the co-creator with it in the realms of the overSoul. It’s worth noting that thoughts, let alone words, of individuals with crystal minds and hearts are not only creative but also causative. People of the ascended race when in contact with each other, exchange information so quickly that they create, manifest and deliver without the need for any action. It is particularly important as the time speeds up, and our hearts accelerate manifestation of anything that is being thought (both in the light of the Conscious and the shadow), said and done in their field. Because all living beings necessarily come with the heart it is imperative to know one’s thoughts transparently. For the Crystaline human it is a matter of hygiene who he associates with and where he casts his Eye(s) as he creates immediately with his Attention.

Our current preoccupation with national security reflects the dissolution of all that we associated with stable and secure, (including financial and physical), up until now. The governments which represent the control of the collective mind, are losing the grip and will continue to lose control over the matters they think they are well prepared to handle. It is not fault of their own but because they are influenced by natural forces which they had been in disregard or ignorance of for centuries. Interestingly, we still invest most in our construction or building development (physical manifestation of the dissolving root chakra) while our orphanages, schools and hospitals are understaffed, underfinanced and overstreched. I will refrain from commenting on the military expenditure. And will rejoice when all of my income tax is channeled to Scotland, the land of not only a fundamentally peaceful nation but one of pristine intellectual traditions, matching, if not surpassing, those of Vienna and Padua.

However, returning to the magic of the artificial world of media…

What has also become transparent during my mini-experiment with newspapers was also the Western trend of celebritising politicians. Given that celebrity world is produced and supported by gossip mentality – forms with no essence (see: Transformation vs Alchemisation) –  politicians and necessarily their policies become the food for something of no significance, mockery, misinterpretation and degradation. No man of even significant strength could create or produce effectively under strain of so much mental, energetic and public garbage. That is – if they were designed to produce effectively. For some reason, for the media it is important what politicians eat, how they behave, where they go on holiday and with whom, elections became a new form of a catwalk, where personality and charisma, rather than awareness, knowledge, vision and wisdom are the criteria of winning (which some identify with success). Alex Salmond or Katie Price, who cares, they’re all the same for the journalistic hyenas, whether they write in upper class or low English. One would say, ah, but this is the price one pays for being in a public office and the public eye. And a dire price it is – of squandered power.

What this medial attitude towards presenting politicians produced is a mind numb society in which, for the most part, regardless of its liberal or social democracy status, people do not take political and social responsibility for themselves but gladly put it in the hands of leaders and experts of all kinds. There, I will tell you what’s wrong and you fix it, give me a pill, a remedy, advice, excuse, create a policy perhaps for my own lack of awareness, balance, gratitude and power. Because there is nothing wrong with me and everything wrong with the society and politicians and others. And even though I’m addicted, it’s the government’s job to prevent or fix it.

Well, it is not.

Do we really take responsibility for the liberal Thought and the environment in which this thought can grow or are we complacent and neglectful in both regards?

What I enjoy the most in the Scottish version of democracy is the direct dialogue and quick response rate. I’m inspired to see creative circles introducing a framework for the government to guide its policies and collaborate to highlight relevance and irrelevance of certain services or institutions. It is a two-way exchange which involves those who can listen as well as hear and deliver. Hopefully, the framework becomes a template for other industries to adopt and adapt. Of course, Scotland is a small yet very robust country, any potential ‘failure’ can be shaken off and corrected quickly, which is an immense advantage for the land of Innonation and innovation. The same rules will not and can not apply elsewhere. However, even though it might not be adequate to share such a template with countries of larger geography or more corrupt governments, it is certainly an invaluable tool in organising social structures to deliver for themselves more responsibly.

For every person, every community, every society can.


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