Sliding Societies

As I continue to work with the collective consciousness of various nations I gain more confidence in deciphering a particular way of thinking or cultural imprints in their psyche, the way societies work as a unit. For just like each of us is their own soul purpose or a divine blueprint, playing a particular ‘role’ in the magnificence of creation, so are societies collectively. Each nation or race has an agreement with the Cosmos (and itself) to play a particular role in the evolution and/or ascension of The Whole.

While observing the layers that are to be harmonised (the subconscious is sandwiched between the Earth’s energy grid and the conscious collective ‘mind’) I usually detect intense activity in the subconscious. For the most part I see old, historic battles, political agreements, significant but ‘secret’ events in royal families and/or illness of their bloodline. In the past two months, three times in the period of two weeks I received ‘nothing’ in readings. The collective subconscious was not sending a signal or was just ‘white noise’ and the Earth did not have this society’s template. I tuned into my cherished Divine for the answers.

It transpires that some societies have chosen to ‘slide’ or ‘die off’. Their time and service for the whole had been completed, they had chosen not to ascend, leaving the space for the new society and civilization to emerge, like passing on the baton. Or similar to some species going extinct while other emerge. These societies act in self-destructive ways, no longer able to balance out from within. In individuals who chose not to ascend this lack of balance is visible in that they continue to serve The Old ways of thinking, being and delivering (mind) rather than entering the new realm of The Heart.

Going into a ‘new’ relationship with the past lover’s template in our energy body, creating ‘new’ governments with the same method to continue the same policies, polluting faith with religion only re-creates the past, old patterns rather than creating anything a-new. Even democracy is failing (as it is not inclusive) and will collapse sooner or later. It could only be seen as progressive in context of the previous regimes but it is hardly innovative. Similarly we all might have ideas about how to improve systems, but it is still building upon and perpetuating the old. History can only carry us so far.

As on Earth we still have a free choice (in the next one we all understand we are a part of the Whole and everyone is following their own divine blueprint without resistance, melted into the higher Will) we can choose to ascend, to love, to remember or we can choose to destroy, harm, forget. And it is perfectly ok, each choice is also a learning. But we need to allow certain individuals to fall away and perhaps certain societies to ‘kill each other off’, resisting the conflicts and advocating for peace from the old perspective is only delaying our own process of collective expansion.

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