A Laughing Matter. Almost.

Now and then I would ask myself what is it that keeps me peering at British politics with almost a devotional attitude as if in hope of glimpsing a revelation or elevation. It seems from the cosmological point of view these are the previously realised insights and adherence to my vision, but on a human, mundane level, I understood it is simply my ever appreciative sense of humour.

No theatre producer, no stand up comedian, no film comedy ~ American, British or otherwise ~ can ever compete with the tragic comedy of Westminster in some of its outwardly focused actions. Just like in the whole Western mentality of the last 3 decades, evident in business dealings and some governing policies the prevalent attitude is ‘me, me, me’, the reversed ego shadow – look how altruistic our ideas are, look how we deliver for others. And yet, when it comes to entering European salons, England stumbles just a little bit. A ballerina elephant in a china shop. Indeed a chine shop with the doors wide open and no walls. Come All as you are, rich or poor, the china connoisseurs and those who’d use it as a weapon.

It seems, from Cameron’s European wanderings, consequences of one’s sponsoring mentality are coming back like a boomerang in this case. Not that long ago, as if repeating the pattern of the ‘Bliar’ protests of 2003, Cameron blatantly ignored the voice of the people who expressed their clarity about bombing Syria. What makes Cameron think he will now walk into European Union with self-focused demands and be heard?

Cameron’s rhetoric about curbing whatever services for the migrants has flimsy backbone because he could not be bothered less about the case. He believes though, he can just shamelessly use migrants’ case to promote his own understanding and agenda without ever properly investigating their circumstances. His ignorance, evident lack of insight, knowledge and true interest in the matter should really return to him with an equal force. In circumstances like these England would be wise to refrain from allowing refugees from Syria, until true number of ‘migrants’ is revealed and Home Office matters put in order. Yet, it has put itself in a catch 22, still operating as Britain.

Do we know who we are welcoming in the name of solidarity? Do we know who ISIS really was and understand why human awareness is being contaminated in her name?

I guess I shall retire for the festive season with a chuckle in my belly, peace in my heart and a visa to the 9th dimension in my pocket. No drum rolls required, just a moment of stillness in honour of the paradigm re-definition available to us in 2016.

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