Aligning for Coherence

Before presenting the theme of neutrality of ‘race’, we will enter deeper into the subject of refinement (for appreciation of complexity). Being at ease with refinement allows for confidence, tact and accuracy when accessing, assessing and implementing data. The post might inform or be of interest to those who already observe their inner focus and obey its demands.

It would be of benefit to remind ourselves of what was written in the last month’s post but specifically this paragraph:

“Naturally, in such circumstances any alignment in realms of mind, high mind and heart (which aids fluidity of a Being) is disrupted or disabled. The essence of a Being has little chance for knowing itself, let alone expression or conscious contribution to the refinement of the collective mind.”

Let us clarify that refinement of ‘collective’ mind is the prerequisite of drawing from high reason and understanding in what ways it takes priority over the conditioning of our realms at different levels of our experience.

This time the matter at hand are our senses as in the five bodily senses as operating in 3D, like seeing or hearing, mental or psychic senses as in pre-cognition, intuition and logic and soul senses as in receptivity, clarity and coherence. We can relate to each individually but the aim is to present the collective behaviours in 5d and above.

Hearing seems to be the most cluttered and influential sensory receiver that has capacity to have us engaged in our finest potential, high mind and high choices. This is where humans have dissociated themselves from their own souls at the deepest level, for some of them this ‘association’ is unrecoverable.

Beings cluster in the universe according to the frequency of their souls, their universal purpose and qualities (to name but the major factors). They ‘look’ like giant light balls or waves suspended (or upheld) within their environment. This is of course just an interpretation or perception as we are never static. Close physical ‘metaphor’ could be that of droplets of oil on the surface of water. The droplets will gravitate towards each other as if in recognition of their own densities. They are differentiated from their environment (water) but cause no friction with it and are not adversely influenced by it.

To recognise, accept and respond to soul frequency one needs to have refined (fine-tuned) their hearing to be able to ‘hear silence’. It is an active state as opposed to being silent. Only as a soul collective can we be received, ‘seen’ and considered as coherent in any universal environment. Only then are we given the right to access and apply the insights of our high minds through the high reason (in relation to reason as suggested below).

Let me ask here (and a sensitive reader will draw their own conclusions). What kind (read quality) of reason could have been shaped which originated from presenting an argument against a religious dogma? What quality of reason are we dealing with that operates within the framework of its own dogmas? Why could it not relate or inform high reason? End of digression.

Our physical sense of hearing has been so deeply distorted by the mental clutter and noise, including vibrations and ‘value’ from media, music, our own thoughts that inner hearing has been almost completely blocked if not disabled. The finer sounds or frequencies can exist but they will never be received. Our Beings are not only isolated but their essences are being additionally damaged or distorted because of that isolation. Because of our ignorance we are unaware of what had been or is being lost in the process of us nurturing our conditioning rather than clarity.

Let me also add here that psychic abilities like clairvoyance or claircognizance are psychic, mental recognitions and have very little in common with soul senses. The psychic sensations occasionally can inform the physical senses and they can correspond to each other. However, if the data presented to us acts as a sensory stimulus (including psychic) but is not informed by our own Soul frequency then it is just recycled data.

Humanity has had its mind formed around groups or groupings of all kinds. We have been identified, categorised, grouped, humiliated or victorious according to our bloodlines, family ties, ‘nations’,  language use or religious affiliations, beliefs or the secular so called ethics. I do not see how these in themselves as experienced by a human being to be of detriment – the grouping is.

As a human expression in national or continental collectives we bump against two types of ‘obstacles’ here. Humans affiliate or associate according to sentiment, ‘history’, emotion and instinct. From my own observation, it is more a sentiment and emotion towards their own conditioning rather than another human being who ‘happens’ to be in the same vicinity that is being exercised, repeated (therefore degraded) and reinforced. This is what is fed continually within their heart space, clarity or experience of neutrality within themselves (let alone towards another) is not available. This alienates members of the ‘same’ society and populations within nation states.

Secondly, we associate and group ourselves according to sentiment, history and emotion which is projected onto another be it individual, state or something as essence~less as an ideology. This includes the so called positive and negative associations like prejudice, privilege, superiority or entitlement, which are often played and applied heavily in inter-state national or pseudo-national behaviours.

This is the one ‘type’ of obstacle which we create and influence ourselves with all the time, the emotional associations, the humanly imposed self-categorisation based on very volatile attitudes (even if persistent conditioning).

The second type seems to pertain to historical collective human mind ‘recognition’ of groups based on Ptolemy’s understanding and pre-historic application of numeracy of early ‘humans’ to count or refer to individuals as they referred to counting objects like beans, stones etc. It is an incomplete, too direct and oversimplified application of mathematical understanding of group formations to human activity. It is also a conditioning stretched horizontally and mainly affecting populations which were under the influence or conquest of Roman empire.

How does the above relate to the refinement we are seeking? My own observation tells me it doesn’t, the ‘bundling’ of Beings for co-existence and co-creation in 5D (the method/the way, the purpose and results of ‘coming together’) are of significantly different, occasionally opposite, qualities to those happening according to human groupings formed through conditioning or emotional attachments. These ways do not correspond. Until that time perhaps when we take care to hear ourselves and decide to actively participate in dissolution of attachments for greater understanding of collective purpose and our conscious choice of aligning with it.

Why would our, human ‘numbers’ be important? For the ‘more’ of us participate in activity of our high mind the greater, finer, deeper, more exquisite, more brilliant, its capacity to hold and create high voltage Intellect.

Why in turn, this brilliance would matter to the Universe? Those who care to know, might just be clear enough to hear the ‘answer’.