and at dawn they said…

… if the Spirit is not tangible, how do we stabilize hope? is it wise to surrender to Chaos if it seems we don’t understand any aspect of it? what’s of philosophy to those who never wrote, never read..? do they ever question faith, the land they stand on, the grace they receive every day in a bowl of rice, in cupped palms full of water?

here I am again, sporting the poetric hat, whispering to those who do read, are able, those prone to occasional reflection. what’s of us, when stories don’t survive, only observations which you spoke about last night or couldn’t, for you were too touched to produce a sound. what of the touched which was never observed, let alone expressed?

may those who travel, travel safely

those who eat, eat in peace

may the forgotten find their company

and the expelled ~ shelter

may the refused respect the help

may those who love, love deeper

may the mute hear again

and the silenced ~ understand..

…for they have been Understood

Copy of diamond-heart

.. thank you for the opportunity to share this glass of wine with you this year





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