Backward Societies

Adapted from Misfortunes of systemic transference.

In Contextualising Economy I mentioned very briefly systemic transference giving algebraic vs economic transference as an example. Today I will expand on the subject by examples of Friedrich Hayek’s and Aristotle’s theories, to indicate that systemic transference, although it can assist in intellectual understanding within and across disciplines, not always translates into successful tools of social management. For the sake of this post I will assume that the reader is loosely familiar with Hayek’s theory of free markets as well as Aristotle’s Politics and will move directly into presenting my views. I will operate within macro and supra levels to illustrate them.

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ID-entity. Part 2.

Last year, inspired by the Scottish Referendum, I wrote about identity and indicated that externals like family, religion and nation claim the rights to our selves. I put these in ‘external’ category as these groups/phenomena can be easily identified in the outside world in form of members of family, or church, the preachers, politicians, national flags and geography.

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Contextualising Economy

Economy as a multi-folded, multi-faceted and interdependent phenomenon is conceptualised, experienced and approached differently in every country. This is partly the reason why globalisation, conducted as it had been up until now, brought mixed and sometimes devastating results. I will briefly introduce the contextualisation of economy by looking at it from angles of debt and apparent inequality. I will lean on and use Joseph Stiglitz understandings as a platform to introduce the cosmic perspective to the current Earthly experiences provided by the economic system.

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The Crown vs The Sovereign

In 2013 I decided to seriously look at becoming a British citizen. After 10 years of working diligently perhaps there was indeed some extra benefit in holding a British passport. There are several criteria but applying is only possible after one had passed a test of knowledge. There is a preparatory book you need to be learning from for the test, entitled Life in The United Kingdom, a Guide for New Resident. It was a great test of patience ploughing through it. It is really a bigger marketing pamphlet, this book. Knowing the realities of living in the UK reading the skewed version was both enlightening and amusing, especially the last chapter.On page 123 of the manual one is informed that on becoming a British citizen they will be asked to take an oath. It reads:

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Sliding Societies

As I continue to work with the collective consciousness of various nations I gain more confidence in deciphering a particular way of thinking or cultural imprints in their psyche, the way societies work as a unit. For just like each of us is their own soul purpose or a divine blueprint, playing a particular ‘role’ in the magnificence of creation, so are societies collectively. Each nation or race has an agreement with the Cosmos (and itself) to play a particular role in the evolution and/or ascension of The Whole.

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The Art of Politics

At the beginning of this year I had a chance to share my vision of unified~umbrella political system for Europe with someone who understood my concepts and saw them in a wider context. A semi-formal occasion, I barely know my partner in conversation but my hands are in the air, I’m on my tiptoes, heart pumping, speaking quicker than usual. And being aware of it. The topic engaged the Whole of me. Far more than my ‘usual’ creative expressions of dance or painting. I slowed down, I had mixed feelings, I rarely let my passion loose in public. But I just had.

On the way home I enquired what was it that really kept this fire burning, always present although not always acknowledged by my practical self. Yes, I grew up in a political household and my writing got me into Youth Parliament. And these perhaps form the framework, ‘the stones around the fire’. But it seems the core of it is threefold.On the superficial level politics is one of the most stimulating exercises for my brain, it appeals to one of the strongest aspects of my mind – organisation. This in turn sits against the backdrop of my understanding of hierarchy. Politics, through good organisation, is the best medium to deliver socially what the said hierarchy suggests. Slightly deeper there is an activated aspect of my psyche which drives the heat ‘upward’ and keeps me focused ~ politics taps into and empowers the archetype of a humanitarian in me which I feel strongly connected to. Then there is the deepest level of my understanding, underpinning the rest.

Years ago I thought it was the power, which I believed politicians represented, that inspired me. Today, after I’ve grown and matured a little I smile at the ‘cunning’ of the Universe, at its continuous games. It transpires that my deep interest in political structures and delivery is nothing more than an extension of my continuing fascination with Spirit and how it finds Its way through the intricate tapestry of human construct. From a wider perspective I see global politics as an expression of a collective ego mind which ‘terrorises’ the subtler, more alive expressions of humankind.

Lies, hidden agendas, manipulation, the everyday of political interaction with the public, are Spirit’s tools to bring us to the realisation of what we are and what we are not. Our awareness constantly navigates through the obstacles of falsehood, fraud, deception, guiding us, individually and collectively, towards what is more Whole-istic, genuine, relevant, in the present moment. Everything is exactly as it ‘should’ be, right here, right now and serves us to raise awareness, to touch and engage us. From the place of true engagement we can consciously create. I believe global politics can evolve into an intelligent, unified model and serve as a balancing, rather than a governing force. And just like the Ego, when accepted and integrated (or transcended if you had chosen to Ascend) in tandem with the Soul it can deliver miracles to this Earth. Believe it or not.Related posts:

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After taxi revelations of my projected spirit last month I decided to take Scotland for a long walk, enquire what the deal was. I have been living in this country since 2006. Although I didn’t really know ‘why’ I came (apart from the obvious reason of starting a new job) I felt that somehow I was meant to be here. After few futile attempts to leave or re-locate, I have stopped pushing against my cosmic intention and arguing with what the ‘outer’ reality was telling me: that Scotland was somehow part of my soul purpose. Since 2012 I was acutely aware the purpose involved Scottish Independence. And there are perfectly logical reasons why I would relate to this concept but do they explain my passion? I don’t really care more about Scotland than I do about any other country, Queen Russia, King USA and other rooks and pawns in between included.

Of course I resonate with full autonomy because independence and freedom are integral and very empowering aspects of my personal life. Secondly, independence is a natural stage or unfoldment of any maturing spirit but also collective evolution of any society. From my point of view independence for Scotland is just a natural way forward, aligned with ‘direction’ (or multidimensionality) of evolution and expansion. Digging deeper I found the underlying ’cause’ of my determination: the ever present agenda of my soul to re-balance nations and disarm respective countries. Somehow, my non-logical aspects see Scotland as playing a pivotal role in balancing the ‘male’, collective Western thought and introducing currency glocalization which would bring realisation of my agenda closer to our experience. For that, Scottish Independence is a pre-requisite.

Scotland’s is an inspiring journey because it is seemingly striving to create something totally new which stands against its cultural efforts (and a great deal of monetary investment) to preserve history or ‘bring past to life’. However, today it stands much stronger than it did in September 2014, the intention of empowerment is spread wide and well grounded. Outburst of patriotism and loudspeakers did a great job last year, perhaps strategic planning will round the numbers next time. Of course, birthing of new reality would require a major shift in our thinking – we would need to start seeing ourselves in context of the world rather than that of Britain. Our social reforms would need to match innovation seen in Scotland’s sciences and technology. We would need to look beyond Scottishness and into more cosmopolitan attitudes and connections. All that is already here, sitting with people of Scotland.

Naturally, some say I should put my dream of Scottish passport on the top shelf, slot it between Greek myths and children’s stories. Yet, I still hold it gently in my hands, study its verses with loving attention, curious if it becomes clay in my hands, which, shaped by many, could become a reality experienced by all. Impossibility? Creativity at its best, aye say!

Unless… I’m after creating a whole new civilization…
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