Beyond the Might of an Image

As collective archetypes are intruding on each other more and more (a bit like ‘merging’ or piling on of tectonic plates) I decided to share a little about the power of image and its disadvantages for the mass intellect as operating in mass media, for the religious worship as well as non-denominational spiritual practices. This post can be viewed as a branch or an add on to Transformation vs Alchemisation as well as On Media…

The images I refer to are used in the mass media and children’s computer games; here I include TV news, all forms of image used and manipulated by social media, ‘conscious’ movements as well as celebritising and perpetuating faux mechanism like Santa Claus, ISIS, and proposing addictive social behaviours as model, correct and desired. Here included is work, shopping, substance as well as behavioural addictions.

Since the beginning of advertising we have been subject to and are exposed more and more to images removed from our immediate environment or experience. Needless to say, over time they were so skilfully mastered some of us no longer distinguish between virtual, fake world of the images and our own reality, the fact that this is the basis for majority of disconnection we experience today goes unnoticed.

The disconnection is one intrinsic component of the ‘imaginary’ world but what I’d like to draw our attention to is how the images dictate what is being created and how, unconsciously, we give our creative power to create things and realities of little significance and meaning. In The Art of Asking I mentioned how, to a certain degree, we create our own environment. The mechanisms are as follows. Our eye registers image in nanoseconds (note – the last nanosecond in cosmic terms took place between 1987 and 2012); between the single blink of an eye, information is being transmitted to the collective mental mind with the speed of light in about 6 copies (eye works like a camera shutter).

With the development of technology and each of us having access to more than 3 electronic devices and one of them at all times, our exposure to the ‘outside’, inorganic, manufactured information is increased and therefore information going into the collective mental bank. And as on a certain level of density (which we currently experience on Earth) all reality is mental, we produce and re-create things we look at. This is evident in how online shopping increased over production of goods, creating waste, rather than meaning. On a larger scale the ‘copying’ of information is reflected in China’s cloning cattle for human consumption.

Of course on one level there’s really nothing ‘wrong’ with random creation regardless of damages which go with it. However if we take our own destiny into account and look at our human construct with respectful eye we will notice, that we have created our own limitations and prison. From a supra level, the growing thickness of mental layer (copies of images/information layered on top of each other) prevents or hinders penetration of Light frequency to Earth and human bodies. Because Earth is going through its own process, and the Light is meant to Be-come manifest at this time, any diverse or opposite direction our mental bodies go into, results in more global friction. Take into account that each nation exposes itself to a different version of non-organic imagery and we might get some insight into the intensity of current events.

Before I move to discussing the religious and visionary images, let me explain that words and/or names are also ‘images’ that is symbolism layered upon the essence of that which they describe. Some symbolism and names are compatible with the essence in frequency, some are not, to varying degrees of frequency spectrum, some are totally ‘opposite’ frequencies, appearing as essence – tricksters. This is the case with a lot of religious naming and claims of persons and phenomena. (The human manifestation of this regularity will be discussed in Third Field. Part 2).

The purpose of religious imagery was to allegedly focus people’s minds on someone god-like, who apparently was someone more or of supra-natural abilities, someone to look up to and emulate (!) that is copy (the copy also happens in repetitions of chants, rosary and the like). The first and foremost fraud apparent here is that humans in their limited perception not only made themselves superior to ‘others’ (of the same species but different belief etc or other species altogether) but also created god in their own image to warship (misspelling intended). And so they do, each according to their cult-ure, tradition and upbringing.

The copying of image into the mental collective body happens in the same way as with any image. There are two enslaving methods applied in creation of cult of an image which extends to the physicality of what we know as Church. First of all the promotion of one image above the other simply copies and adds the same frequency to the pool of collective mental bank. Underlying motive underneath this practice is to prevent diversification of creation and have better control over the minds of many/humanity. And while the image might have offered a higher frequency to the mass frequency of the Middle Ages, today each religious image and/or symbol represents lower frequency than is currently available to humans. Are we aware?

Extending this thought into the image cult manifested as Church or temple let us see that the buildings were initially erected in celebration of a particular frequency. However overtime they morphed and soaked the energy and consciousness of the congregation which gathered in the name of (enter your preference) which was far from pure. Churches, like any building, have consciousness and while some are masterpieces of art, they exude really low frequency having become a hub or frequency trap of mass confusion and illusion. Naturally they are strategically built around the world. That’s how certain people decided to hijack and bind/lock the Light frequency (which is always moving) into an image at the same time making it unavailable for the unsuspecting crowds.

The recent recreation of Jesus’ face, based on ‘facts’ can be used as an example. Some would like to believe that the scientific reconstruction of the face of Jesus excludes or nulls the previous images. I’d argue however that it does. Artists, more attuned to the etheric fields of objects and entities depicted their own interpretation of the light frequency (the Higher Self) of a particular healer, who Jesus might have been. Now, genetic analysis shows us something different but the light (blue eyes, long hair) and physical (brown eyes, bearded face) DNAs belong within each other as One, only someone decided to separate them at Crucifixion. Dare you know why?

Naturally, the Jews swiftly claimed Jesus’ physical heritage in case someone saw that he was of mixed blood and only half human. Which might mean that billions of people took a frequency of a different galactic race for the Ultimate and labelled it God. Oops.

Let me clarify that I am using Christianity in this way only as an example as every tradition has used their own encoding to harness collective Intellect. Traditions based on symbolic language like Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew, old Chinese, Cyrillic have a closer/more immediate correlation with the meaning (essence) they express giving an impression of ‘more spiritual’. They belong to the encoding of the ‘previous’ Universe (here I mean billions of light years away from Milky Way). Symbolic languages, because of their intimacy with the fabric of the Space have deeper and more lasting influence (both straight and manipulative) on human psyche to the Latin or Germanic derivatives.

Religion is one of the most obvious indoctrination tool observable but the same mechanism goes for social, esoteric, astrological, scientific and political dogmas each influencing humanity in a detrimental way. Political ideologies are spread the widest, intertwined with the religious, although we might see political domain freeing itself more and more from grips of religious and economic manipulations. Political ideologies operate below the collective archetypes and are influenced by them however do not influence them in return. No communication on the 4 and 3 density (current experience of humanity) is possible outside of the collectively recognisable archetypes and ideologies, be it on a personal or national level.

Here let me briefly mention ‘spirituality’. Broken from the rigid fences of religion spirituality can go everywhere. To its own diminishment spiritual enquiry in recent decades has slipped into the world of human emotional dramas, ‘woundology’, psychological divagations, being used as an excuse, shield, ‘buffer’ from reality. Let me also say that spirituality has very little to do with Consciousness – more often it detracts from Intellectual evolution, offering belief systems more dangerous to the ‘old religions’. The Enlightened are also revered as some form of exception and we see enlightened as mainly of spiritual domain. Andrew Carnegie was enlightened, so is Richard Branson and Martin Rees, the spiritual claim on enlightenment is, apart from being incorrect, certainly bizarre. We also seem to miss the fact that enlightenment and mastery are two different conditions, there might be many enlightened and only few of those will be masters.

Anyone who works with the fabric of the Universe (Spirit) has to be able to discern if the impressions/images they receive in meditation belong to them, to the Collective, maybe family members or patients. Does the message belong to the personal, national (within planetary) or universal (within cosmic) heart? Are they aligned with the ‘North Star’, is our Will our own?  Any image of the ‘future’ is only a snapshot of potentiality, any global prophecies received now are out of date as the universal movement is quicker than any image.

This year, before we repeat the words of others; leaders, teachers, gurus as gospel, let us look Light in the face, not take the image of Its claimants as guidance. Let us look ourselves in the Eye first – whose values are we recreating and promoting? Have we given our own values enough credit? Where do we invest our mind/heart/time? Let us find and express our own Essence, for only this is sacred, no one else’s Word, vision, practice or process – only (y)our own.


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