Touching History

History (aka karma) lives in our cells and guides us towards experiences and people that can assist us in transforming it, releasing us from the grip of the karmic cycle, individually and collectively. It will speak to us in instincts, intuition, urge or ‘heart’s desire’. Disrespecting any of those or talking ourselves out of following their advice cuts us off from fulfilling ‘our’ Soul’s Purpose and deprives others of the same. Although I rarely know where I am guided to before I set off, I learnt to never question these messages as they always direct me into deeper awareness.

Last month I received an urge to go across the border. So I did. Having not visited for 3 years, I missed England. Funny thing – belonging. Edinburgh, the cradle of Enlightenment, certainly inspires my mind and is intellectually fast paced which I enjoy. Yet in London I ‘feel’ at home, I re-connect and my heart expands.

I spent majority of my time in Brighton, where I sank into relaxation listening to the waves, sipping cups of tea and writing. Fireworks were a bonus and rather appropriate for new beginnings. 2 days into the bliss and the  ‘original’ intention of the visit was revealed to me. I came not only to re-asses elements of an identity I picked up unconsciously a decade ago but  also to touch the heart of Brighton bombing (1984). History, of course. Perhaps even those involved had reconciled but the twisted collective pathways remained. And sure enough, after tuning in there they were: coldness, hatred, paralysis and deep mistrust that reached far beyond the city and the community. One of the most fascinating energies I dealt with this time were terror which almost immediately gave birth to numbness and was in turn encased by it. If allowed to sit for long enough, the only result of such combination is eruption.

Energy has to go somewhere and it always does. I did my best to loosen up the stone energy and release at least some of the heat which proved challenging. Firstly, the friction and stubbornness between both nations was still palpable and almost impossible to bridge. Secondly, I did not have ‘Irish blood’ near me to draw wisdom from or anchor the process into the human form. I will be returning to England in Autumn to feel for results.To say that I am blown away and humbled by what I was given here to do is an understatement.  Sometimes I hold my breath in awe at the magic that happens through the human heart and I hope I will live long enough to see Mother Earth totally balanced. For the time being ~ Happy 2015.

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I do my best to be very selective in the choice of news I read because every time I come across yet another display of Congress’ puppetry and Britain’s subservience, my blood pressure rises dramatically. Admittedly, I have been chipping away at my anti-Americanism, or anti-militarism to be precise, for some time now. Let me tell you this is the best spiritual practice of radical acceptance I could have treated myself to. Accepting stupidity. Not that long ago war was an art of strategy. Today, it is the least intelligent way of going about international relations, at least in the US fashion. So I educate myself on the Giant’s policies and look for clues which could convince me that what America is doing has at least a hint of logic and reason behind it. None to be seen. It is because the decisions do not originate in the Government. The strings are pulled by Federal Reserve.

So when I go within to explore what is it that actually infuriates me about the destructive, unsanctioned rampage that is going on, I find it is not the loss of individual lives. There are plenty of those lost in hunger, natural disasters, domestic violence, that comes with territory of living – Nature taking its course. But it is the destruction sent along the energetic lines of human psyche, damaging collective evolutionary chain which human spirit represents that sits in the root of my irritation. The conflicts, murder, rape, torture as well as less visible and tangible psychological, emotional abuse and rape of dignity in fact paralyse the nervous system (human body’s communication / connectivity pathways with the Universe) of 3 to 5 generations which follow the original occurrence. This entangles the collective subconscious and seeps into the land in question. How would I know?

My own ancestors experienced war on both sides of the family, some surviving the work camps – it took me nearly a decade to untangle the web of collective guilt, shame and unresolved trauma from my own essence. It is a peeling away of layers of pain that are not ours to begin with. It is a heavy, dramatic work, and it hurts. I am one of millions. All that because once upon a time Hitler decided to channel his strategic genius into destructive action. Today, war is an entertainment run by thick-skinned, thick-headed men led by greed.

” Do you recall the time, a little less than twenty-five years ago, when we took the trolley car to the Reichstag building, convinced that we could really help turn those fellows into honest democrats? How naïve we were, even as men forty years old! I can only laugh when I think about it. Neither of us realized how much more powerful is instinct compared to intelligence. We would do well to bear this in mind or the tragic errors of those days may be repeated.” Einstein to Born, 1944.

Are we any wiser? Have we understood or are oblivious to the fact the perpetration continues only in different fields and clad in more convoluted justifications. Sometimes it seems to me humanity is in regression. And if peacemakers have ever made any progress, war had always been two steps ahead.

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Systemic Balance

Following from my previous post ‘Nature doesn’t Mind’ I decided to go a little deeper into Nature’s ‘indifference’ and evolutionary focus of planet Earth to give us a different perspective on the current world affairs.

Every system by the law of nature, strives to bring itself to balance internally and towards balance with the adjoining systems. Physically this happens with and within a body of a living organism, a family, community, society, country etc. Just like the cells in the body communicate instantly and each knows what the other is doing (each cellular system of an organ knows what the other is doing) and influence each other, similar interdependencies are present in the ‘outside’ or how I call it – expressed world. In the invisible world, systemic balance relates to aspects of human psyche, soul and spirit as well as his other dimensions, 7 energy bodies and vibrational ‘time scale’. Individually and collectively. Both invisible and expressed worlds also ‘seek’ balance between each other.

Planet Earth is currently undergoing a process of integration. We could see it as our planet ascending but more precisely the process could be described as planet Earth expanding to accommodate higher vibrations. It will complete this process with or without us. The international conflicts deepen as globally ‘we’ strive to balance ourselves with other planets in the galaxy. Humans who aren’t ready to open up to the vibration of Light will leave the planet and en mass. We can expect the conflicts to intensify. Applying reason, resorting to sanctions or conducting international dialogue based on the communications of the past will fail as they do not correspond with what the planet Earth is doing energetically. Earth is doing what it has to do to bring itself into planetary and galactic balance. As human race we matter very little for the process and have no control over it.

The only choice we’ve got is to go with her or not. The only choice for humanity is to transcend its karma collectively.

Nature doesn’t Mind

Observing the events that had been taking place on the international stage for some time has been both fascinating and discouraging to say the least. Says she, sat in the warmth of her home in Scotland, remote from all the tragic events ripping mainland Europe apart.

It is with a fair dose of scepticism that I approach activists for peace and peacemakers. Partly because keeping the concept of peace alive also keeps its opposite alive. ‘Peace’ cannot exist without war, its existence relies on existence of its opposite. Also, war has been reaping great results, in different fields and forms for over a century. WWI was the beginning of globalization as we know it today. From a practical point of view, when we look at war as a business, and a profitable one, peace is simply not competitive. It has no leg to stand on, for it is sustained mainly by ideals.

Existence of armed conflict serves the perpetuation of power as currently perceived by respective governments. Great care is put into ensuring that war and conflict are part of our civilized (??) culture. Many societies and their identities rely on them. Armed conflict is intrinsically interwoven in our psyche and social systems; the current economic system being its major and mutual benefactor. Citizens’ taxes contribute to war. Both the young who are programmed by violent computer games and adults hypnotized by mass media contribute to war and by default will ensure its continuity. It is a beast created by humans that got a life of its own and is about to get out of human control.

Yet, perhaps another global destruction is what is needed for us to understand our purpose or help us perish. Nature doesn’t mind either way. Understandably.   

World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict” Independent,18 August 2014, Click to read the full article.

Political Projections

I’ve been recently inspired by an article, Re-Thinking Middle East written by Avi Melamed. Although Melamed writes about media (which in my view have no moral backbone documenting only what fits and by lack of objectivity contribute to the escalation of conflicts) his article reminded me of a phenomenon I had been observing almost since my emigration to UK in 2003.

In psychology projection is a “theory in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. In my experience projection happens also with the positive attributes (but to a lesser degree) to everybody and every day. In politics however this can take a form of an open or secret bullying of nations which are perceived as lacking something or needing correction by the West (here I mean US and UK). Needless to say it happens within societies and ethnic groups of the same country also.

Now, we have countries like the USA, considered the leading world economic power when in fact the country is in the unrecoverable debt, telling other nations what to do and how to govern. Democracy is failing or is absent altogether in a lot of states yet the USA insists on imposing the system onto countries of a totally different inheritance, culture, mentality and capacity. The arrogance, lack of respect, education and integrity (while waving a flag of a peace-bringer) in this behaviour are soul-cringing. Unable to look at their own mess Americans with obedient poodles from UK go and create mess elsewhere. See Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. It seems post-WWII reputation of the USA has never been properly investigated or re-evalued.

The West had always been aggressive, I sometimes wonder if what is happening right now is not a projection of its impotence over and lack of understanding of the old cultures. The cultures that had created the British Empire and are the roots of a modern American society.

That said, I am a biased European.

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