Drawing on my experience in Brighton, I thought I’d share briefly how what ‘I do’ works.

During the process of healing the collective (or as I prefer to call it, restoring the balance) I not only observed the elements of the re-balancing but the process itself. Very often we are told that the healing is a mystery and to some extent it is but if we really take ourselves and our gifts seriously it is a co-creation with the Divine. Yes, the mystery remains for it is only as far as our perception and imagination can go that we are ‘in control’ but it is the mystery which provides the platform for continuous discovery. From my experience the processes of creation and manifestation seem to have a hierarchy to them.

As I observed the subconscious entanglements of the Brighton bombing and tuned in (intuitively and using my 3rd eye vision) I harnessed the gift of an observer, a witness (quantum mechanics still speculates if observation facilitates creation) and observed what was being presented in front of me without judgement or questioning, seeing what is. Second came in focused prayer and intention for the highest and best resolution/balancing of the observed energies (trust and faith in the mysterious/divine). The focused prayer draws on the ‘male’ energy of Light but the process halts if I don’t engage the ‘female’ energy of heart/love which seems to anchor and finalise the process. The fruits of the process are only visible ‘in ‘time’ (Rys 28) which is the reverse of what is actually (in the spirit) happening. I observe the present – the fruits of the observation we experience in the physical belong to the past of the present which I observe(d). At my ‘end’ it all happens in nanoseconds.

The process itself, as I see it, also sits within a wider, non-linear hierarchy (Rys 29).

The whole process taps into the faculty of Faith of human soul. Trusting the Divine is where the faith is at its highest. We can see into it but for those not accustomed to the speed of light the amount of information can be overwhelming. For the most part information contained in the Divine is not intended for our eyes at the current level of collective evolution, Trust is the expression of Wisdom at this point. When the light is drawn in by our intention towards the object of transformation it gathers relevant data from the realm of Cosmic laws required to do what we Ask. This realm is more accessible and ‘willing’ to work with us and that’s where Eureka! moments come from to enlighten scientists who are open to guidance. As in sleep.

When the process reaches the stage of ‘impregnation’ (as an expression of Cosmic intention, conception is always immaculate) the natural laws, subject to Cosmic laws, come into play. Laws of this realm facilitate the gestation or pregnancy of a child or idea. Once this process is complete we see the manifestation of our Intention in the physical. At this point we are free to create human laws. Naturally if the laws do not follow their sequence, and are not informed by the higher state of Consciousness but go around in circles of exclusively human understanding (circle of karma) we end up governed by violence.

Let us understand that ‘male’ and ‘female’ expressions of Consciousness are constantly at play within human (both their realised and shadow aspects), between humans (regardless of gender but intensified between sexes), groups, institutions, nations and elements. One of their grandest expressions are West (male) and East (female) although Russia and Australia currently seem to operate as separate entities. When male ~ female aspects work in complementary ways harmony manifests. In fact The Harmony called by some the Paradise, Satya Yuga, Pure Land, already exists but there is too little love between humans and species to manifest it for the collective to experience in the physical.

Or maybe not…

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