New Age brought us a lot of ‘letting go’. The past is the trendiest to let go of. Only impossible to do. So the world is full of people and countries in a constant escape from their past doomed to repeat it. However hard we try to let go it is never successful. Avoidance, denial, rejection and projection of our ‘past’ selves, deeds, thoughts and patterns (truly a continuous and now present aspects of us) will always leave us re-living the same stories, patterns and experiences even if in different setting or with a different person.History, individual and collective, can only be transformed. This always, in human race without exceptions, happens within. Yet the only portal which facilitates this process (human heart) has to be at least ajar.

It starts with recognising and honouring our decisions and deeds * for what they are, without blame, without judgement; the hurt we have experienced and inflicted, the mistakes, the betrayal (of self and others which is always a betrayal of self), lack of faith… without sinking into surrender little will shift at this stage. When we are silent and still enough we will then be given a chance to mourn, entering a deeper level of honour. If, at this stage we are patient and self-compassionate, we will soon float up to the surface aka to the other side of awareness. Then we enter yet even deeper into surrender – to accept and own all that we’ve been through (not the story itself, but its influence and imprint it had left in what we recognise as our soul). Some call it integration, some call it completion. I call it – the beginning.

Only at this stage can we start to shape our world according to our dreams (as opposed to fantasies), informed yet not controlled by our experiences. It is only then that our history can be used to navigate our evolution, without the danger of stifling us.

* Further inspiration:

Bert Hellinger, Acknowledging What Is  (individual responsibility)
Margaret Humphreys, Oranges and Sunshine (collective responsibility)

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