ID-entity. Part 1.

I had the privilege to live in Scotland when the Referendum on Independence took place. Apart from illuminating milliard of issues, from social, political and structural to psychological, the process inspired some insights on identity and how, through it, our lives, most often unconsciously are being shaped every single day. Very rarely our choices are founded on a truly independent thought, a thought that is independent of identity.SNP pressed the identity button very hard, alienating to some extent the No vote supporters who were after all, also Scottish. Or were they? Were we voting for values or some sort of ‘idea-l’ of Scottishness, rather removed from reality but certainly heavily shaped by historic sentiments. I observed that some natives did not know the difference between their values and ideals when in fact there is a significant discrepancy between the two. But perhaps this is only obvious from an ‘outsider’s’ point of view.

The Referendum was an excellent playground to tease people’s nationality based identities. It drew nicely from two other major social forces claiming rights to our ‘selves’ – family and religion (in form of economy which feeds of religious indoctrination). Try and identify (!) a thought that is not based on some sort of pre-conceived idea about yourself, the world, universe, spirituality, previously read book or your own work – you name it. Regardless of whether we are all for a concept/ group or against it – we are in the grips of hierarchy that pulls our strings right, left and centre. Not only are we puppets to these masters of manipulation but we will fervently defend and protect what we identify with; we will fight for it regardless of how dysfunctional, destructive or life inhibiting the source of our identity. is We cannot know it is happening – it is us! the hierarchy became us, we have created ID-entity especially for the benefit of a family, nation, religion. It is in our blood – becoming aware of it means separation, pain and death. Indeed – death of an identity. Death of an ego.

Awakening is a sticky affair. Perhaps that’s why nations and religions are still going strong, each in deep, self-destructive fight for its own identity. All underpinned by cult of a family, a clan, church  or workplace community. Can we see our own entanglement without leaving the family, country, religion? Can we see what identity our own thoughts are based on without going beyond that thought? And reaching into the safe haven of Love can we remain unidentified with it, not claiming any rights to it or shaping it according to our imaginings; raping it of its power before it had a chance to touch us? Would our world be different had we identified with Love, not its forms?

Please enquire within.

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