Inside Out

or the simplicity of environ~mental transcendence.

Using the concepts and understanding presented in the last month’s post we will move a little deeper into understanding of two expressions of consciousness which we perceive as ‘environment’ and ‘race’. The aims are to illustrate why human construct is an ideal vehicle for universal transcendence and lay the foundation for understanding multidimensionality at the structural level. I will stress here that viewing any structure, including socio-political, through the prism of personal experience is incorrect and detrimental for the understanding of such structure. However, becoming more familiar with our own individual multidimensionality accustoms our brain to view systems and structures from and at that level.

We will move vertically from the loosest density to the thickest following the journey of awareness through choices and embodiment to have a clearer view on the subject of conditioning and its transcendence.

At this stage what happens in 7D is of little relevance so let’s begin in 6D. As we will remember from the previous post this density operates mainly though awareness, beings are blended and see the value of their uniqueness only in relation to the collective. Any incarnation they choose is simply to advance and enrich the Whole, they only see themselves in connection to and context of the Whole (rather than ‘others’ as this name indicates separation) and what part they play in it. Duality is neither perceived nor experienced here so from lower densities it may seem that the Being has no discernment. It is partly correct since rules operating in 4 and 3D are alien to Beings of 6D.

The entanglements of 4 and 3D are seen from 6D as algorithms, number sequences and naturally have no positive or negative charge. When a being chooses its own point of awareness (encoding) to refer to and embody it will take on (or soak up) any algorithm which will assist this point in ‘self’ realisation. It is perhaps beneficial to mention here that what is experienced in 5D as love is experienced as clarity in 6D and above. Beings are very clear what needs to be done for the ‘advancement’ of the collective and they ‘do’ it (at that level it is simply making a decision, a flow of intention into manifestation) without reserve. Note: socialisms and communism do not express the essence of ‘collectivism’ as it is experienced in non-duality.

A being will choose (most often create) a soul to incarnate into and fill it with correct algorithms or conditioning (agreements, contracts etc). Soul in this case is a Being’s environment: the essence of 6D descends into the soul of 5D. Let me mention here also that awareness does not require any environment to exist, no embodiment, no matter, and no concepts to express itself. Because awareness knows itself and experiences no time it will only ‘land’ when the soul is mature enough to take responsibility for that awareness. For humans the first maturation of the soul happens roughly between ages of 32 and 37 and the last stage of soul ripening begins between ages 47 and 52 to reach its maturity peak at 60. Whether the ripening of an ‘individual’ soul coincides with or corresponds to wider world events is for you to decide.

The soul from 5D is then given directions to ‘keep going’ deeper into conditioning or karma and so it chooses a particular mental environment for itself. Mental environment is usually manifested and perceived as personality. If we are aware of our soul in our construct we will know our thoughts are not our own, as soul does not produce intentionally any form of conditioning, it is only wrapped up in it for self-realisation. From 4 and 3D we will very often deem certain behaviours dysfunctional, psychotic, ‘mental’ (indeed!) or violent. This happens due to our immersion in duality and anything we have no reference for will be discarded as wrong/ill. However, since Beings have no discernment or experience of pain, discomfort or torture they will sometimes soak up algorithms which on the level of earthly incarnation might seem devastating. A Being will choose as an environment a dysfunctional or psychotic personality, because from its own point of Clarity this is exactly what is needed for itself to realise its own encoding. Quite literally in 3D ‘oppressors’ are not less advanced than ‘victims’. We can only understand it when we see us/ourselves as Whole.

Personality is the clustering of algorithms of previous generations. Personality is directly connected to the physical DNA which acts as an environment both for the personality and the soul. When the soul is aware of the personality and vice versa personality can become the Soul’s direct expression. Here also lies the gift of advancement. We continue to condition ourselves throughout life. Conditions are what keeps us incarnated. There is really no such experience as ‘our mind’ or ‘my mind’ – our own can only be the conditioning of it. We can therefore condition ourselves towards full realisation and expression of our Being or further and further away from it. When an ‘event happens’, is it new or is it a projection of the memory we had not been aware of before? Which elements of the event will we choose to condition us? Will we just pick out those elements which are compatible with our old conditioning or will we see the opportunity for resolution?

It is a pretty exact exercise; environments need to be exact if we are to meet multidimensionally. As mentioned before, to experience Clarity, a compatible environment of ‘love’ needs to be assured. It is because when clarity arises it shows us truth, the factuality of ourselves/construct, which for karmic structures usually proves lethal. Because we operate in all dimensions, it is not to the benefit of the Being’s incarnation to have itself destructed ‘too soon’ yet clarity is what the Being will always strive for. For example unconditional love can perhaps be given freely, but to experience it in continuum conditions of trust, commitment and safety must be met. It’s like a laboratory – no experiment can be conducted successfully if the conditions for the environment are not met.

Let me briefly return to the topic of personality as clustering of conditioning from previous generations. Awareness is always pure. In the physical and the karmic of 3 and 4D the moment the sperm enters the egg (a reflection of awareness entering the womb of the Soul through the vehicle of the Being) and the cell starts to multiply ‘our’ cellular memory begins. I write our in inverted commas because it has never been ‘ours’ – only of our father. This is the multiplying procedure at a particular level of consciousness in earthly conditions. The environment of the womb enables solidification of memory and feeds it/cements it with conditioning of its own through umbilical cord. The more convoluted the ‘history’ the deeper debt we are paying, literally we pay for the sins of our fathers. Sin is in human terms any repressed/unrealised/denied fact (secret), conditioning, emotion or passion. Unless we see what conditioned us we simply play out the conditioning of our physical ancestors on ‘the outside’. The glorification of the father figure in religion (God of course had also been made into our father) has been implemented very skilfully and has severe implications for the collective templating of the prism we look through (at our lives). It disempowers men far more than women.

We now reach the above mentioned phenomenon of an emotion. It is unique as only human ‘race’ can experience it / emotion can be experienced through human incarnation. This is the sole mechanism which allows us to see our conditioning for what it is and access all levels of Consciousness. It is because ‘emotion’ is present in all dimensions and timelines simultaneously even though in 5 and 6D it operates simply as awareness. The conditioning which is not seen hinders our Being from enjoying itself (that is – fulfilling itself). When seen (literally, when we are present to the emotion), the element of conditioning does not disappear but loses its disabling capacity (its own obstructive existence in 3 and 4D) and its essence is integrated within the Being as a tool for its own expression. At that point a particular element of conditioning ceases to govern us but we can consciously govern it according to our (not its) Will. What might have been the greatest obstacle in expression, when realised and integrated, becomes a tool at the Being’s disposal to deliver their own encoding in the environment of their own choosing.

Men often fear or are unaware of their own emotions – it is simply because their brains are not present multidimensionally (which doesn’t mean they don’t operate in all dimensions). Women on the other hand are often all over the place emotionally without understanding or honouring the capacity of emotion for integration (and yes it happens through our Mind). Emotion is the easiest tool for transcendence and environment in which it is expressed is of utmost relevance.

Emotion cannot disappear – it always goes somewhere. When unexpressed often enough, it locates itself in mental body as a phobia, insecurity, judgement. Then it manifests physically as stiffness, obesity etc. and later as diseases. If the emotion is expressed into a hostile or cold environment, it collapses, and the access to the information it carried is lost (although not information itself – the information will then continue to find ways to get to know itself through getting itself known). Is your body a friendly environment for your mentality? Is your mentality subtle and nourished enough to be a loving environment for your soul? What do you feed yourself – opinions of others, drama, violence? This is what you will project out, overlay onto others and expect them to bend to your fake imprints. Look around – is your environment an expression of your health, love and intellect or your unrealised conditioning, fear or social obligations? You will perceive it as the outside yet it will only be a reflection of what happens in the subtle environments of your own construct.

Are you aware of what happens to the unexpressed emotion, shock, paralysis of millions of constructs during war, genocide, mass rape? Where does it all go?

Clearly put:

Inside Out (very well researched and one of the most accurate animation movies available for the children’s curriculum).