Nature takes care of itself one way or the other. Species go extinct and new ones are created every year, these decisions take effect outside of human control and awareness. With that in mind, I have low regard for humans in their current state of affairs. Depth of their ignorance and arrogance keeps surprising me anew every day. Yet I cannot deny that, due to the way we are constructed, we can play a significant role in the evolution of our species (at this stage preservation is no longer a possibility). By, as mentioned in my previous post, addressing our karmic entanglements.

Karma is said to be or be similar to the law of cause and effect. And while some of us pay attention to create good karma, it still keeps us entangled. What’s more it is not always the causes we are aware of that reap the results in ‘our’ lives. These causes reach far beyond our existence. Yet we are the channels through which Universes and parallel realities can come to balance. Everything we do continues the entanglement. The moment we become aware of the motive we give our Spirit a chance for freedom

For it is not necessarily the action itself that contributes to the repetition of the karmic cycle but the sponsoring thought, intentions and emotion that underlie and fuel it. Karma is created by choices we do and don’t make. It is the manifestation of the Whole of us, the feelings and emotions we are aware of and those which are repressed, denied and still awaiting healing. It is the expression of or reaping both the Beauty of our Soul and Its shadow. When what is manifested (or expressed) disturbs us it is the moment to become mindful. It is the karmic pattern coming to the Light of our awareness to be understood and integrated. The ‘disturbance’ is the Soul asking for our Attention, a gateway through which It is freed of the particular pattern or cycle.

The collective karmic cycle has turned again and is visible in all the global conflicts. The world faces a unique chance for redemption. But it is currently run by ‘automats’, people who are not present or mindful of their own actions let alone their motives. It is now up to every one of us to remain congruent in everything we think, speak and do, to act from a place of the transcended Heart.