Ladies and Gents… Quo Vadis?

Dear Human… do you think you are evolving? Or worse still, that your consciousness is? Think again. Why are you applying terminology of the fabricated gene onto a phenomenon which doesn’t belong there? Is your origin still hooked on idea of God? Why?

Dear Lover… where is your Essence when you are not Pre-sent to it? Haven’t you mistaken your heart for your Soul? Haven’t you understood the Heart is only the communication centre of your Higher Mind, The Soul? Haven’t you discovered yet that the brain mind will never decipher the language of your Soul ~ the High Mind? It is not meant to – it is devoid of Intelligence.

Dear Healer/Therapist… aren’t you projecting your own process and remedies onto others, simply to avoid the grandest of tasks which is awaiting you ~ diving in-side? Why are you avoiding your spouse, children, community by fabricating theories and philosophies by which to live your life? Where is your Love?

Dear Spiritual Teacher… why, having achieved enlightenment, you go back down, parading as an authority, be~lie’ving others need your help? Why aren’t you creating new frequencies of your own enlightened state but discard it to those who cannot ‘sea’? Have you taken true ownership of your state or have you become an exhibitionist?

Dear Feminist… have you empowered yourself or simply used the independence template of the males, perpetuating their own enslavement to career, money, family, religion and your own, working towards supporting and fueling man made society? Have you dug deep enough into the Nature of matter, understood and owned your role within it, or are you still banging at the door of the deaf?

Dear Academic… has your training refined, elevated or fragmented your intellect? Are research and acquired information enough for correct analysis?

Dear Mathematician… who is your Hero? Are you a devotee of correct mathematics or have you built your reality on a miscalculation?

Dear Economist… haven’t you mistaken industralised for civilised? Have you committed your Eye(s) to the ground?

Dear Elector… what is it that your representative is able to deliver which you cannot deliver unto yourself? Do you keep the original agreement in mind while casting your vote: that you surrender your freedom to the state in exchange for being ruled and kept safe? Or being fooled and kept in the dark? Have you ever understood the meaning of the original agreement?

Dear Political Leader… are you a master of power, directing and leading it according to your highest vision, or is hijacked power, disguised as values, leading you by the nose, mocking your position? Do your structures support the highest objectives or only your own limitations?

Dear Governments… have you understood that your very foundation is built on the network of false assumptions?

Dear Global Democracies…. have you had the courage to grow and innovate or are you still stuck between two models and take it upon yourselves to command others to rise to your level. Have you noticed you are degrading in the process?

Dear Pioneer… are you aware of your own Consciousness?

Ladies and Gents, let us refrain from judging our wealth through the wallets of the greedy, let us refrain from seeing our love through the eyes of those sick at heart, and never subject our vision to the standards of those who are too self-absorbed to see beyond their parliamentary plates.


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