Beyond the Might of an Image

As collective archetypes are intruding on each other more and more (a bit like ‘merging’ or piling on of tectonic plates) I decided to share a little about the power of image and its disadvantages for the mass intellect as operating in mass media, for the religious worship as well as non-denominational spiritual practices. This post can be viewed as a branch or an add on to Transformation vs Alchemisation as well as On Media…

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The Art of Asking

This post is offered as an appendix, extension or under~layer of my previous post On Media…

The Universe always brings us answers to our questions and always in form of an actual, direct experience. Some dragged prayer and God into it, wrongly assuming that only ‘the good’ will be answered. Delivery of that which had been summoned through question is law, it is not discriminatory or selective and it always works. Just like the law of gravity, (as applied in the 3rd dimension), it affects everyone regardless of opinion, history, status. This law is created ‘above’ the 3rd dimension and ‘trickles down’. Because our average life span doesn’t currently go beyond 100 years, some answers are delivered to the generations that succeed the The One who asked. As per Hierarchy 1 and Hierarchy 2 , the more profound the question asked, the more ‘time’ it takes for the magnetism of Earth (and the human Heart) to gather data to deliver the answer. Are we aware of what we are asking?

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On Media …

celebrity politics and democratic engagement. 

In the past few weeks I had moved away from exposing myself to any news, in mainstream media or otherwise. Until recently I would regularly tune into political news as a way of measuring where and how human consciousness was shifting. I got more and more tired of the practice, the bad after taste grew stronger. I took a large step back to re-asses and study my engagement with the media material fed to us daily. After a considerable break, I took a methodical approach and for a month regularly read political reporting on particular global events from 6 different countries, across 5 different newspapers in 4 different languages to receive a fairly clear insight into why the news caused the leakage of my energy.

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Third Field. Part 1.

Today I will share a little about two strands which influence human conscious and subconscious, therefore human manifestations and results, on a global level. I will turn to aspects of Judaic and Christian traditions, described and included in The Old and The New Testament respectively. The point of this is to illustrate the complimentary attributes of each aspect. The comparative representation aiming at showing superiority of one above the other, is necessarily included in religiously influenced thinking but irrelevant for our analysis. Judaic tradition should not concern itself with Christianity and vice versa.

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Transformation vs Alchemisation

Oh, dear, how very pedantic of me, I smiled at myself while dissecting the lyrics of a popular song. So Michael would sing Man in the Mirror and I would shake my head, saying no, no Michael, it is the man in front of it. Then I realised I understood the process of change slightly differently to Michael and my pedantry ran deeper than semantics. The man in the mirror symbolises transformation, while attending to the man in front of the mirror is a higher/deeper octave act of alchemisation. Let me explain.

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Backward Societies

Adapted from Misfortunes of systemic transference.

In Contextualising Economy I mentioned very briefly systemic transference giving algebraic vs economic transference as an example. Today I will expand on the subject by examples of Friedrich Hayek’s and Aristotle’s theories, to indicate that systemic transference, although it can assist in intellectual understanding within and across disciplines, not always translates into successful tools of social management. For the sake of this post I will assume that the reader is loosely familiar with Hayek’s theory of free markets as well as Aristotle’s Politics and will move directly into presenting my views. I will operate within macro and supra levels to illustrate them.

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