Past in Present

After years of exploring human psyche, spirit and nature it is still fascinating for me to observe how many of us have parts of ourSelves left in different spaces, different times. Locked in the past experience, relationship, feeling we repeat the patterns those experiences left in our energy field again and again, seemingly unable to see or move beyond the boundaries set by these patterns.

It is widely taught that to change our reality we need to look into our subconscious, correct our mental attitude, improve our intellectual discipline and it is true to a certain degree. True transformation of reality however comes from acknowledging what is pre-sent in our hearts, how it feels and where it belongs. For the soul is always searching for the circumstances that will let it become whole again and this is done when we become aware of the parts that are not present, that are locked in a different time/space dimension.

There are those who’d been divorced for years yet are still married in their hearts. There are those who never got married and yet energetically they are to those they once loved deeply – and unavailable to the present partner. There are those so loyal to their family they choose not to see that the family members were the source of emotional damage, will belittle or avoid seeing emotions as anything important at all. The patterns of past in present are especially evident in national identities, collectively. The wounds that never healed re-emerging as war. People will find excuses, reasons, explanations, will go far in their imagination just to keep their attention away from what is the reality spoken in their hearts. And they will see(k) fault with others.

It is never about that particular something or someone outside of us, even if we convince ourselves it is – these are only mirrors, the reflecting-backers, the feedbackers – to show us the parts of us that we had not seen before, had not acknowledged the impact our feelings had had and have on us and the course of our life. And the soul yearns to be whole so will attract exactly those people and circumstances that will help it identify the sore place that needs to be healed or the spot that requires expansion. Everyone and everything comes to us to raise awareness. If we choose to see. Yes, it takes courage to dive into reality of our hearts. It is heroic, once you’re there, not to run away and sit with whatever is being revealed to you. And yes, the journey is worth it. Unless you choose otherwise.