Pockets of Light

There are places in our homes (interestingly, in dream work home is a representation of soul…) where history hides its most precious gifts, most valuable treasures. Among the correspondence from years or decades ago (sometimes even centuries) are words which carry (us into) another dimension, level of meaning, hint towards awakening of our curiosity, messages which are relevant for us today. It is a poetry, a dance of a relationship, for you might look at the words one day and see nothing beyond them and the next day they will have transformed your world. I call them pockets of Light. They activate new pathways in our awareness, unlocking what is already there but awaits descend and integration. If allowed, they can inform our future steps.

As it is the end of a year / cycle, it is time to take stock. This month I went through a recorded Skype correspondence I had in 2012 with someone I believed to be an intelligent man. It is 772 pages long and a significant body of work. The dialogue touches on public matters, international relations, domestic politics of Britain and, for the most part is kept professional. Working through the text I found few pillars of light, some gold and plenty of insults. I laughed out loud more than once at my own naiveté.

At the time of writing and communication I was adamant to get my message across and bypassed everything and anything that hit lower vibration than my own. However, studying the material again I confirmed the original, unpleasant insights which I had conveniently and disastrously ignored. The content not only validated my view that online correspondence fosters misconduct and degradation of manners, it also clearly showed the plundering, manipulative and deeply uncaring traits of the British psyche. Hardly surprising as exactly these traits facilitated growth of the British Empire.

The golden nuggets I dug out from the correspondence gave me a deeper understanding of East – West relationship, leadership styles and my own role within the context of globalisation. I went away from the exercise with renewed respect for myself, the said exchange and the man in question. He had certainly exposed what I consider to be my greatest asset – high intellect.

Re-visiting written material is the work of awakening and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those of us who think their past is ‘behind’ them. It is very much in front of us asking that we stop deflecting and start learning. Individually and collectively.

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