The Choosing

This year we saw some significant decisions being made. People decided to march, presidents decided to ban, prime ministers decided to separate. Considering how much social and political – both domestic and international – pressure politicians face, they are doing remarkably well. I’d say it even though some of their decisions might seem contradictory. Despite the political and global uncertainty they face themselves, the way they choose to act reflects some level of stability. At least this is the impression compared to their behaviours earlier in the year. Even Mr Trump, unpredictable as he might seem, had not diverged immensely in his behaviour or actions from what he had shown or promised the world in his presidential campaign. In a way we could see it as reassuring.

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ID-entity. Part 2.

Last year, inspired by the Scottish Referendum, I wrote about identity and indicated that externals like family, religion and nation claim the rights to our selves. I put these in ‘external’ category as these groups/phenomena can be easily identified in the outside world in form of members of family, or church, the preachers, politicians, national flags and geography.

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Sliding Societies

As I continue to work with the collective consciousness of various nations I gain more confidence in deciphering a particular way of thinking or cultural imprints in their psyche, the way societies work as a unit. For just like each of us is their own soul purpose or a divine blueprint, playing a particular ‘role’ in the magnificence of creation, so are societies collectively. Each nation or race has an agreement with the Cosmos (and itself) to play a particular role in the evolution and/or ascension of The Whole.

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Someone from metaphysical circle quizzed me recently about my Brighton adventure. They wanted to know if re-opening the crusted energies of IRA bombing could have in any way triggered events in Paris that followed shortly after. I was intrigued by this way of thinking but still saw it as linear.The fact is, even if the subconscious currents play a pivotal role in orchestrating what emerges in the physical, the collective events have hundreds of different influences shaping them, from the visible to the cosmic. The events of 2015 have been centuries in the making, certain things are simply inevitable. Does it help to know that the alignment of planets is similar to that of 2008, when the financial crisis hit us?

It’s enough to look around – US, under the emblem of democratisation and bringing order to the countries of its choice, militarises itself by planting its weapons in Europe and Middle East. These weapons will never be indexed against US. An excellent and disastrous tactic. Of course US is itching to sink its militarised tentacles into the Ukrainian soil – right under the nose of the dragon it knows very little about – Russia. US, like a 17 year old who thinks he knows everything about life is teasing a ruler who has support of 80% of Russian population. Even in sport opponents respect each other – in politics idiocy prevails. Nothing new, only when these two giants collide, it will be the mainland Europe that suffers. Yet again. Oh the joys of the collective karmic cycles. One Merkel seems grounded but is she also a redeemer?

However, cynical as I sound, I have never understood my work as preventative. For me it is only natural that Earth, while balancing itself and expanding, will clear the excess of human population. War or major global conflict would serve or assist that purpose. It’s similar in mechanism to an illness, or a cough when body is ridding itself of toxins, releasing what no longer builds it or serves our purpose. From the karmic point of view I don’t believe it serves evolution for humans to go without reaping the consequences of their continuous rape which they perform on the planet.

And just like an illness, conflict is neither good or bad, just a part of the process. At this stage of our evolution it is offered as a catalyst. Our attitude towards it determines if we learn or deny the lessons it brings. When conflict is understood, a great clarity, truth and respect can arise from it. But I’d stress – when understood, and this faculty of our minds is rarely applied globally. Moralities, codes of conduct, laws – plenty of those but true understanding is scarce in the collective human psyche. As far as I can see.

And a bucketful of laughter for the one who challenges my point of view and corrects my thinking.

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Love. Apparently.

Love had been abused, vulgarized and misinterpreted as profoundly by human race as God had been by the world religions. Various forms of human interaction, attachment, co-dependencies and even abuse are confused with or labelled as love. And yet when The Purpose of love enters our lives, it seems we stumble upon it, it is ‘unexpected’, new and often disturbs our status quo. It touches us on many levels, and is recognised by what is sometimes called chemistry. Little do we know the chemical reaction and strong vibrations are but a prelude to the unfolding of cosmic awareness. If we remain true to our hearts.

In my experience and understanding of Love’s message, ‘Love’ is one of the highest vibrations currently available to humans. It is a binding vibration which holds the Earth, other planets and universes ‘in place’, like a net. This is the vibration found in the smallest part of known matter, between electrons of an atom. The frequency is very high, fast, cool, clear and powerful yet impersonal, impartial, and radical; it will attract that which is similar and ‘brutally’ reject that which does not match it. It is expansive and relentlessly going forward, continually creating. Any destruction appearing along the way is but a by-product of the binding feature of this frequency designed to get rid of all that which no longer serves the continuum of Life itself. It is and permeates All That Is – what we do with this raw material remains our Choice.

It is this vibration that brings people together (either in romance or war, its external expressions, although neither being ‘real’ or ‘true’). Its power is to draw out the debris and shadows of the soul into awareness for the sole purpose of purification for further facilitation of Creation. This happens between individuals, communities and collectively between nations. In this vibration transformation, and therefore creation, happens instantly. Whenever we speak healing human soul, we also speak global change. The theory of holographic universe becomes observe-able and is supported by quantum physics.

With the above as my standpoint I could not even imagine to be anything else but a Lover in service of Love itself.

Systemic Balance

Following from my previous post ‘Nature doesn’t Mind’ I decided to go a little deeper into Nature’s ‘indifference’ and evolutionary focus of planet Earth to give us a different perspective on the current world affairs.

Every system by the law of nature, strives to bring itself to balance internally and towards balance with the adjoining systems. Physically this happens with and within a body of a living organism, a family, community, society, country etc. Just like the cells in the body communicate instantly and each knows what the other is doing (each cellular system of an organ knows what the other is doing) and influence each other, similar interdependencies are present in the ‘outside’ or how I call it – expressed world. In the invisible world, systemic balance relates to aspects of human psyche, soul and spirit as well as his other dimensions, 7 energy bodies and vibrational ‘time scale’. Individually and collectively. Both invisible and expressed worlds also ‘seek’ balance between each other.

Planet Earth is currently undergoing a process of integration. We could see it as our planet ascending but more precisely the process could be described as planet Earth expanding to accommodate higher vibrations. It will complete this process with or without us. The international conflicts deepen as globally ‘we’ strive to balance ourselves with other planets in the galaxy. Humans who aren’t ready to open up to the vibration of Light will leave the planet and en mass. We can expect the conflicts to intensify. Applying reason, resorting to sanctions or conducting international dialogue based on the communications of the past will fail as they do not correspond with what the planet Earth is doing energetically. Earth is doing what it has to do to bring itself into planetary and galactic balance. As human race we matter very little for the process and have no control over it.

The only choice we’ve got is to go with her or not. The only choice for humanity is to transcend its karma collectively.

Nature doesn’t Mind

Observing the events that had been taking place on the international stage for some time has been both fascinating and discouraging to say the least. Says she, sat in the warmth of her home in Scotland, remote from all the tragic events ripping mainland Europe apart.

It is with a fair dose of scepticism that I approach activists for peace and peacemakers. Partly because keeping the concept of peace alive also keeps its opposite alive. ‘Peace’ cannot exist without war, its existence relies on existence of its opposite. Also, war has been reaping great results, in different fields and forms for over a century. WWI was the beginning of globalization as we know it today. From a practical point of view, when we look at war as a business, and a profitable one, peace is simply not competitive. It has no leg to stand on, for it is sustained mainly by ideals.

Existence of armed conflict serves the perpetuation of power as currently perceived by respective governments. Great care is put into ensuring that war and conflict are part of our civilized (??) culture. Many societies and their identities rely on them. Armed conflict is intrinsically interwoven in our psyche and social systems; the current economic system being its major and mutual benefactor. Citizens’ taxes contribute to war. Both the young who are programmed by violent computer games and adults hypnotized by mass media contribute to war and by default will ensure its continuity. It is a beast created by humans that got a life of its own and is about to get out of human control.

Yet, perhaps another global destruction is what is needed for us to understand our purpose or help us perish. Nature doesn’t mind either way. Understandably.   

World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict” Independent,18 August 2014, Click to read the full article.