Spiritual Development

Doesn’t exist. The idea and meaning of development pertain to realms of personality and character rather than spirit. Yes you can become more disciplined with regards to listening to your own soul but again you are bringing aspects of your personality and character into alignment with your soul’s or heart’s messages, which are in turn aspects of Spirit.

It is a great idea – development. It gives us the illusion that we are going/travelling somewhere, we are moving forward or up the ladder, the ‘sense’ of achievement. It is misleading however to compare or equate gaining of spiritual awareness with linear learning of our schools, or CPD. There is nowhere to go. You will not reveal any truth if you follow or imitate someone else, however ‘enlightened’ they claim to be. If all the spiritual masters had been ‘successful’ in their teachings, we would have a planet full of enlightened beings and in a totally different state. Yes, the presence of a master might uplift you for a while, and that’s about it. If you don’t choose your own enlightening presence over someone else’s, you are bound to be swayed one way or another by whatever the current trend is, in fashion, education, politics or spirituality. Sadly, we are a society of slaves believing we are free.

Spirit can be approached in ‘terms’ of awareness rather than development. There are more and deeper aspects of Creation you can be aware of but to develop something that is already a Perfection? We are all aware of something in varying degrees. A banker is aware of the structure of financial systems, biologist – of the micro world around us, spirit master – of the internal landscapes of universal psyche and consciousness. Is one better than the other? It’s like saying the mind is superior to the knee or liver. This mind-set is certainly reaping the consequences in the West.