Reality. Apparently.

Once upon a time there was a Perspective. It saw everything and anything through a lens of experience of its host, a process called interpretation. The experience was not the host but this was what the Perspective made the host believe. The Perspective made the host take everything it had interpreted for a fact.

Everything around and within us is subject to interpretation, especially historic ‘facts’ which we are no longer able to validate but rely on our own or collective interpretations continuously layered on one another. Ancient texts are no exception, quite the opposite – they are the perfect material. There are as many interpretations of scriptures as there are spiritual communities, or spiritual zealots. To human detriment some interpretations became religions which have terrorised the truth seekers and states for centuries. (According to Pew Research flags of 64 out of 196 countries bear religious symbolism, Britain included. Such a flag sends a devastating/crucifying message to the collective subconscious continually imprinting the masses. Manifestation of this programming can be seen in the current collective conflicts. Whether the Union Jack represents modern society is up for discussion.)

Somewhere between the doctrine and secularization are metaphysical investigators who bring a unique perspective to the table. Neville Goddard is one of them. I came across Goddard’s work last year and read few of his titles, with varying interest. I approached the material with scepticism, as found his parallels full of mental short cuts, simplifications and some of the conclusions far-fetched. (This might be due to the fact that Neville never wrote himself but his lectures were recorded, hence the impression of disjointed argument). However the depth of analysis in ‘Five Lessons’ was different which intrigued me and I kept coming back to re-read.

In the Introduction Goddard states “Throughout the centuries we have mistakenly taken personifications for persons, allegory for history, the vehicle that conveyed the instruction, and the gross first sense for the ultimate sense intended.” This sentence, although pertaining to his lecture which follows and scripture itself, almost describes the whole socio~logical trend. This seems to be exactly what is happening with the world at large – loss of meaning. If there had ever been any meaning recognised in the first place. But isn’t this the mark of modern times; to take the form/person/bling/approval for content/essence/gold/achievement?

On the second reading I discovered what it was that intrigued me originally.
Not only the material is insightful and accurate but it refers to human Imagination exactly as Einstein understood it and worked with-in it. Gave me giggles, that one.

Goddard is an acquired taste. Certainly not for those unfamiliar with the New Testament or afraid of knowledge. For those who question, play and dive deep this might be a treat. Enjoy.

Resources: Five Lessons

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Pockets of Light

There are places in our homes (interestingly, in dream work home is a representation of soul…) where history hides its most precious gifts, most valuable treasures. Among the correspondence from years or decades ago (sometimes even centuries) are words which carry (us into) another dimension, level of meaning, hint towards awakening of our curiosity, messages which are relevant for us today. It is a poetry, a dance of a relationship, for you might look at the words one day and see nothing beyond them and the next day they will have transformed your world. I call them pockets of Light. They activate new pathways in our awareness, unlocking what is already there but awaits descend and integration. If allowed, they can inform our future steps.

As it is the end of a year / cycle, it is time to take stock. This month I went through a recorded Skype correspondence I had in 2012 with someone I believed to be an intelligent man. It is 772 pages long and a significant body of work. The dialogue touches on public matters, international relations, domestic politics of Britain and, for the most part is kept professional. Working through the text I found few pillars of light, some gold and plenty of insults. I laughed out loud more than once at my own naiveté.

At the time of writing and communication I was adamant to get my message across and bypassed everything and anything that hit lower vibration than my own. However, studying the material again I confirmed the original, unpleasant insights which I had conveniently and disastrously ignored. The content not only validated my view that online correspondence fosters misconduct and degradation of manners, it also clearly showed the plundering, manipulative and deeply uncaring traits of the British psyche. Hardly surprising as exactly these traits facilitated growth of the British Empire.

The golden nuggets I dug out from the correspondence gave me a deeper understanding of East – West relationship, leadership styles and my own role within the context of globalisation. I went away from the exercise with renewed respect for myself, the said exchange and the man in question. He had certainly exposed what I consider to be my greatest asset – high intellect.

Re-visiting written material is the work of awakening and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those of us who think their past is ‘behind’ them. It is very much in front of us asking that we stop deflecting and start learning. Individually and collectively.

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New Age brought us a lot of ‘letting go’. The past is the trendiest to let go of. Only impossible to do. So the world is full of people and countries in a constant escape from their past doomed to repeat it. However hard we try to let go it is never successful. Avoidance, denial, rejection and projection of our ‘past’ selves, deeds, thoughts and patterns (truly a continuous and now present aspects of us) will always leave us re-living the same stories, patterns and experiences even if in different setting or with a different person.History, individual and collective, can only be transformed. This always, in human race without exceptions, happens within. Yet the only portal which facilitates this process (human heart) has to be at least ajar.

It starts with recognising and honouring our decisions and deeds * for what they are, without blame, without judgement; the hurt we have experienced and inflicted, the mistakes, the betrayal (of self and others which is always a betrayal of self), lack of faith… without sinking into surrender little will shift at this stage. When we are silent and still enough we will then be given a chance to mourn, entering a deeper level of honour. If, at this stage we are patient and self-compassionate, we will soon float up to the surface aka to the other side of awareness. Then we enter yet even deeper into surrender – to accept and own all that we’ve been through (not the story itself, but its influence and imprint it had left in what we recognise as our soul). Some call it integration, some call it completion. I call it – the beginning.

Only at this stage can we start to shape our world according to our dreams (as opposed to fantasies), informed yet not controlled by our experiences. It is only then that our history can be used to navigate our evolution, without the danger of stifling us.

* Further inspiration:

Bert Hellinger, Acknowledging What Is  (individual responsibility)
Margaret Humphreys, Oranges and Sunshine (collective responsibility)

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Love. Apparently.

Love had been abused, vulgarized and misinterpreted as profoundly by human race as God had been by the world religions. Various forms of human interaction, attachment, co-dependencies and even abuse are confused with or labelled as love. And yet when The Purpose of love enters our lives, it seems we stumble upon it, it is ‘unexpected’, new and often disturbs our status quo. It touches us on many levels, and is recognised by what is sometimes called chemistry. Little do we know the chemical reaction and strong vibrations are but a prelude to the unfolding of cosmic awareness. If we remain true to our hearts.

In my experience and understanding of Love’s message, ‘Love’ is one of the highest vibrations currently available to humans. It is a binding vibration which holds the Earth, other planets and universes ‘in place’, like a net. This is the vibration found in the smallest part of known matter, between electrons of an atom. The frequency is very high, fast, cool, clear and powerful yet impersonal, impartial, and radical; it will attract that which is similar and ‘brutally’ reject that which does not match it. It is expansive and relentlessly going forward, continually creating. Any destruction appearing along the way is but a by-product of the binding feature of this frequency designed to get rid of all that which no longer serves the continuum of Life itself. It is and permeates All That Is – what we do with this raw material remains our Choice.

It is this vibration that brings people together (either in romance or war, its external expressions, although neither being ‘real’ or ‘true’). Its power is to draw out the debris and shadows of the soul into awareness for the sole purpose of purification for further facilitation of Creation. This happens between individuals, communities and collectively between nations. In this vibration transformation, and therefore creation, happens instantly. Whenever we speak healing human soul, we also speak global change. The theory of holographic universe becomes observe-able and is supported by quantum physics.

With the above as my standpoint I could not even imagine to be anything else but a Lover in service of Love itself.

Cellular Awareness

I was inspired to read one of Dr Lipton’s recent posts Mind Evolution, Global Evolution. In his post Dr Lipton re-affirms a notion I had introduced in Karma, about uniqueness of human construct, which allows us to transform our collective karma (aka history). Albeit derived from a different standpoint Dr Lipton’s findings correspond with my own insights regarding cellular awareness. Human body is the bridge between micro and macro-cosmos. Transformation starts with ‘feeling’ the body.

Why? Because the physical body is the expression of everything that had ‘made’ us up until now. Attitudes, physical, social, mental, emotional and astrological conditioning, environment and internal eco-system, to name but the few, are part of this make up.

Our personal and collective history is locked within our cells, out of our conscious view, as memories. We have to become present to our history (aware of the source or core of memories) if we want to create a different future. We have to become responsible for what appears as ‘our’ part in the collective, through bodily awareness. For what we feel (and don’t feel, the denied aspects) – manifests or expresses itself in the collective human experience on Earth. Creation goes forward as we pay attention to how past manifests within our lives and, through conscious choice, release it from the karmic cycle.

Majority of us are so sensitive about and identified with our history (individual and collective), we are unable to see we came to serve Evolution and ‘future’ species. Consciousness is timeless and will sometimes bring/offer us the ‘memory’ (image and/or feeling) from the collective which can be relevant to our current life experience but is almost always relevant to our Soul theme. This is our opportunity for transformation and change. When we are aware, our choices reflect that. When we are not aware, our actions will always stem from the place of ignorance, reaping more of the same.


Past in Present

After years of exploring human psyche, spirit and nature it is still fascinating for me to observe how many of us have parts of ourSelves left in different spaces, different times. Locked in the past experience, relationship, feeling we repeat the patterns those experiences left in our energy field again and again, seemingly unable to see or move beyond the boundaries set by these patterns.

It is widely taught that to change our reality we need to look into our subconscious, correct our mental attitude, improve our intellectual discipline and it is true to a certain degree. True transformation of reality however comes from acknowledging what is pre-sent in our hearts, how it feels and where it belongs. For the soul is always searching for the circumstances that will let it become whole again and this is done when we become aware of the parts that are not present, that are locked in a different time/space dimension.

There are those who’d been divorced for years yet are still married in their hearts. There are those who never got married and yet energetically they are to those they once loved deeply – and unavailable to the present partner. There are those so loyal to their family they choose not to see that the family members were the source of emotional damage, will belittle or avoid seeing emotions as anything important at all. The patterns of past in present are especially evident in national identities, collectively. The wounds that never healed re-emerging as war. People will find excuses, reasons, explanations, will go far in their imagination just to keep their attention away from what is the reality spoken in their hearts. And they will see(k) fault with others.

It is never about that particular something or someone outside of us, even if we convince ourselves it is – these are only mirrors, the reflecting-backers, the feedbackers – to show us the parts of us that we had not seen before, had not acknowledged the impact our feelings had had and have on us and the course of our life. And the soul yearns to be whole so will attract exactly those people and circumstances that will help it identify the sore place that needs to be healed or the spot that requires expansion. Everyone and everything comes to us to raise awareness. If we choose to see. Yes, it takes courage to dive into reality of our hearts. It is heroic, once you’re there, not to run away and sit with whatever is being revealed to you. And yes, the journey is worth it. Unless you choose otherwise.


Many spiritual traditions, as per timeframe, culture and interpretation, advocate non-attachment. Non-attachment is part of the spiritual awareness, when we are asked to distance ourselves to material possessions, sensual pleasure, and thought forms. Ideally this attitude is to foster the ability to observe and become aware of the observer, helping us to realise what we are not – thoughts, senses, material body. We are to observe but not invest in or attach any emotional energy to the observed. Effectively we are distancing ourselves from aspects of human make up that point to a wider understanding. Has somebody proved the thoughts we are thinking are ‘ours’?

To the careless or the over-zealous non-attachment might become a trap leading to isolation or an excuse not to engage with what hurts and heal. Many of us come from troubled childhood where the primary attachment had never been formed, is it to our benefit and health to detach from Life even further? Detached we cannot be fully present to ourselves let alone to another. I observe that in many ‘spiritually’ inclined people or even whole communities – their spiritual practices are a very mind and goal oriented activity. Thinking they are transcending the mind they bypass, often painful, truths of the heart, unaware this is the only gate to Grace, the source of true illumination.

For not all desires are wants. Some desires are born (or rather have always been alive), at the centre of our heart. Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, they shape our life. They burn and will forever ask our attention. These desires will ask us to surrender everything we have ever known about ourselves, the world, others. They will challenge everything we ‘know’ about non-attachment, until we become dedication, wholly in service of what’s beyond our imagination yet present as a seed in our hearts.