Transformation vs Alchemisation

Oh, dear, how very pedantic of me, I smiled at myself while dissecting the lyrics of a popular song. So Michael would sing Man in the Mirror and I would shake my head, saying no, no Michael, it is the man in front of it. Then I realised I understood the process of change slightly differently to Michael and my pedantry ran deeper than semantics. The man in the mirror symbolises transformation, while attending to the man in front of the mirror is a higher/deeper octave act of alchemisation. Let me explain.

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Cellular Awareness

I was inspired to read one of Dr Lipton’s recent posts Mind Evolution, Global Evolution. In his post Dr Lipton re-affirms a notion I had introduced in Karma, about uniqueness of human construct, which allows us to transform our collective karma (aka history). Albeit derived from a different standpoint Dr Lipton’s findings correspond with my own insights regarding cellular awareness. Human body is the bridge between micro and macro-cosmos. Transformation starts with ‘feeling’ the body.

Why? Because the physical body is the expression of everything that had ‘made’ us up until now. Attitudes, physical, social, mental, emotional and astrological conditioning, environment and internal eco-system, to name but the few, are part of this make up.

Our personal and collective history is locked within our cells, out of our conscious view, as memories. We have to become present to our history (aware of the source or core of memories) if we want to create a different future. We have to become responsible for what appears as ‘our’ part in the collective, through bodily awareness. For what we feel (and don’t feel, the denied aspects) – manifests or expresses itself in the collective human experience on Earth. Creation goes forward as we pay attention to how past manifests within our lives and, through conscious choice, release it from the karmic cycle.

Majority of us are so sensitive about and identified with our history (individual and collective), we are unable to see we came to serve Evolution and ‘future’ species. Consciousness is timeless and will sometimes bring/offer us the ‘memory’ (image and/or feeling) from the collective which can be relevant to our current life experience but is almost always relevant to our Soul theme. This is our opportunity for transformation and change. When we are aware, our choices reflect that. When we are not aware, our actions will always stem from the place of ignorance, reaping more of the same.