Drawing on my experience in Brighton, I thought I’d share briefly how what ‘I do’ works.

During the process of healing the collective (or as I prefer to call it, restoring the balance) I not only observed the elements of the re-balancing but the process itself. Very often we are told that the healing is a mystery and to some extent it is but if we really take ourselves and our gifts seriously it is a co-creation with the Divine. Yes, the mystery remains for it is only as far as our perception and imagination can go that we are ‘in control’ but it is the mystery which provides the platform for continuous discovery. From my experience the processes of creation and manifestation seem to have a hierarchy to them.

As I observed the subconscious entanglements of the Brighton bombing and tuned in (intuitively and using my 3rd eye vision) I harnessed the gift of an observer, a witness (quantum mechanics still speculates if observation facilitates creation) and observed what was being presented in front of me without judgement or questioning, seeing what is. Second came in focused prayer and intention for the highest and best resolution/balancing of the observed energies (trust and faith in the mysterious/divine). The focused prayer draws on the ‘male’ energy of Light but the process halts if I don’t engage the ‘female’ energy of heart/love which seems to anchor and finalise the process. The fruits of the process are only visible ‘in ‘time’ (Rys 28) which is the reverse of what is actually (in the spirit) happening. I observe the present – the fruits of the observation we experience in the physical belong to the past of the present which I observe(d). At my ‘end’ it all happens in nanoseconds.

The process itself, as I see it, also sits within a wider, non-linear hierarchy (Rys 29).

The whole process taps into the faculty of Faith of human soul. Trusting the Divine is where the faith is at its highest. We can see into it but for those not accustomed to the speed of light the amount of information can be overwhelming. For the most part information contained in the Divine is not intended for our eyes at the current level of collective evolution, Trust is the expression of Wisdom at this point. When the light is drawn in by our intention towards the object of transformation it gathers relevant data from the realm of Cosmic laws required to do what we Ask. This realm is more accessible and ‘willing’ to work with us and that’s where Eureka! moments come from to enlighten scientists who are open to guidance. As in sleep.

When the process reaches the stage of ‘impregnation’ (as an expression of Cosmic intention, conception is always immaculate) the natural laws, subject to Cosmic laws, come into play. Laws of this realm facilitate the gestation or pregnancy of a child or idea. Once this process is complete we see the manifestation of our Intention in the physical. At this point we are free to create human laws. Naturally if the laws do not follow their sequence, and are not informed by the higher state of Consciousness but go around in circles of exclusively human understanding (circle of karma) we end up governed by violence.

Let us understand that ‘male’ and ‘female’ expressions of Consciousness are constantly at play within human (both their realised and shadow aspects), between humans (regardless of gender but intensified between sexes), groups, institutions, nations and elements. One of their grandest expressions are West (male) and East (female) although Russia and Australia currently seem to operate as separate entities. When male ~ female aspects work in complementary ways harmony manifests. In fact The Harmony called by some the Paradise, Satya Yuga, Pure Land, already exists but there is too little love between humans and species to manifest it for the collective to experience in the physical.

Or maybe not…

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I do my best to be very selective in the choice of news I read because every time I come across yet another display of Congress’ puppetry and Britain’s subservience, my blood pressure rises dramatically. Admittedly, I have been chipping away at my anti-Americanism, or anti-militarism to be precise, for some time now. Let me tell you this is the best spiritual practice of radical acceptance I could have treated myself to. Accepting stupidity. Not that long ago war was an art of strategy. Today, it is the least intelligent way of going about international relations, at least in the US fashion. So I educate myself on the Giant’s policies and look for clues which could convince me that what America is doing has at least a hint of logic and reason behind it. None to be seen. It is because the decisions do not originate in the Government. The strings are pulled by Federal Reserve.

So when I go within to explore what is it that actually infuriates me about the destructive, unsanctioned rampage that is going on, I find it is not the loss of individual lives. There are plenty of those lost in hunger, natural disasters, domestic violence, that comes with territory of living – Nature taking its course. But it is the destruction sent along the energetic lines of human psyche, damaging collective evolutionary chain which human spirit represents that sits in the root of my irritation. The conflicts, murder, rape, torture as well as less visible and tangible psychological, emotional abuse and rape of dignity in fact paralyse the nervous system (human body’s communication / connectivity pathways with the Universe) of 3 to 5 generations which follow the original occurrence. This entangles the collective subconscious and seeps into the land in question. How would I know?

My own ancestors experienced war on both sides of the family, some surviving the work camps – it took me nearly a decade to untangle the web of collective guilt, shame and unresolved trauma from my own essence. It is a peeling away of layers of pain that are not ours to begin with. It is a heavy, dramatic work, and it hurts. I am one of millions. All that because once upon a time Hitler decided to channel his strategic genius into destructive action. Today, war is an entertainment run by thick-skinned, thick-headed men led by greed.

” Do you recall the time, a little less than twenty-five years ago, when we took the trolley car to the Reichstag building, convinced that we could really help turn those fellows into honest democrats? How naïve we were, even as men forty years old! I can only laugh when I think about it. Neither of us realized how much more powerful is instinct compared to intelligence. We would do well to bear this in mind or the tragic errors of those days may be repeated.” Einstein to Born, 1944.

Are we any wiser? Have we understood or are oblivious to the fact the perpetration continues only in different fields and clad in more convoluted justifications. Sometimes it seems to me humanity is in regression. And if peacemakers have ever made any progress, war had always been two steps ahead.

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New Age brought us a lot of ‘letting go’. The past is the trendiest to let go of. Only impossible to do. So the world is full of people and countries in a constant escape from their past doomed to repeat it. However hard we try to let go it is never successful. Avoidance, denial, rejection and projection of our ‘past’ selves, deeds, thoughts and patterns (truly a continuous and now present aspects of us) will always leave us re-living the same stories, patterns and experiences even if in different setting or with a different person.History, individual and collective, can only be transformed. This always, in human race without exceptions, happens within. Yet the only portal which facilitates this process (human heart) has to be at least ajar.

It starts with recognising and honouring our decisions and deeds * for what they are, without blame, without judgement; the hurt we have experienced and inflicted, the mistakes, the betrayal (of self and others which is always a betrayal of self), lack of faith… without sinking into surrender little will shift at this stage. When we are silent and still enough we will then be given a chance to mourn, entering a deeper level of honour. If, at this stage we are patient and self-compassionate, we will soon float up to the surface aka to the other side of awareness. Then we enter yet even deeper into surrender – to accept and own all that we’ve been through (not the story itself, but its influence and imprint it had left in what we recognise as our soul). Some call it integration, some call it completion. I call it – the beginning.

Only at this stage can we start to shape our world according to our dreams (as opposed to fantasies), informed yet not controlled by our experiences. It is only then that our history can be used to navigate our evolution, without the danger of stifling us.

* Further inspiration:

Bert Hellinger, Acknowledging What Is  (individual responsibility)
Margaret Humphreys, Oranges and Sunshine (collective responsibility)

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Love. Apparently.

Love had been abused, vulgarized and misinterpreted as profoundly by human race as God had been by the world religions. Various forms of human interaction, attachment, co-dependencies and even abuse are confused with or labelled as love. And yet when The Purpose of love enters our lives, it seems we stumble upon it, it is ‘unexpected’, new and often disturbs our status quo. It touches us on many levels, and is recognised by what is sometimes called chemistry. Little do we know the chemical reaction and strong vibrations are but a prelude to the unfolding of cosmic awareness. If we remain true to our hearts.

In my experience and understanding of Love’s message, ‘Love’ is one of the highest vibrations currently available to humans. It is a binding vibration which holds the Earth, other planets and universes ‘in place’, like a net. This is the vibration found in the smallest part of known matter, between electrons of an atom. The frequency is very high, fast, cool, clear and powerful yet impersonal, impartial, and radical; it will attract that which is similar and ‘brutally’ reject that which does not match it. It is expansive and relentlessly going forward, continually creating. Any destruction appearing along the way is but a by-product of the binding feature of this frequency designed to get rid of all that which no longer serves the continuum of Life itself. It is and permeates All That Is – what we do with this raw material remains our Choice.

It is this vibration that brings people together (either in romance or war, its external expressions, although neither being ‘real’ or ‘true’). Its power is to draw out the debris and shadows of the soul into awareness for the sole purpose of purification for further facilitation of Creation. This happens between individuals, communities and collectively between nations. In this vibration transformation, and therefore creation, happens instantly. Whenever we speak healing human soul, we also speak global change. The theory of holographic universe becomes observe-able and is supported by quantum physics.

With the above as my standpoint I could not even imagine to be anything else but a Lover in service of Love itself.