Love. Apparently.

Love had been abused, vulgarized and misinterpreted as profoundly by human race as God had been by the world religions. Various forms of human interaction, attachment, co-dependencies and even abuse are confused with or labelled as love. And yet when The Purpose of love enters our lives, it seems we stumble upon it, it is ‘unexpected’, new and often disturbs our status quo. It touches us on many levels, and is recognised by what is sometimes called chemistry. Little do we know the chemical reaction and strong vibrations are but a prelude to the unfolding of cosmic awareness. If we remain true to our hearts.

In my experience and understanding of Love’s message, ‘Love’ is one of the highest vibrations currently available to humans. It is a binding vibration which holds the Earth, other planets and universes ‘in place’, like a net. This is the vibration found in the smallest part of known matter, between electrons of an atom. The frequency is very high, fast, cool, clear and powerful yet impersonal, impartial, and radical; it will attract that which is similar and ‘brutally’ reject that which does not match it. It is expansive and relentlessly going forward, continually creating. Any destruction appearing along the way is but a by-product of the binding feature of this frequency designed to get rid of all that which no longer serves the continuum of Life itself. It is and permeates All That Is – what we do with this raw material remains our Choice.

It is this vibration that brings people together (either in romance or war, its external expressions, although neither being ‘real’ or ‘true’). Its power is to draw out the debris and shadows of the soul into awareness for the sole purpose of purification for further facilitation of Creation. This happens between individuals, communities and collectively between nations. In this vibration transformation, and therefore creation, happens instantly. Whenever we speak healing human soul, we also speak global change. The theory of holographic universe becomes observe-able and is supported by quantum physics.

With the above as my standpoint I could not even imagine to be anything else but a Lover in service of Love itself.