Inside Out

or the simplicity of environ~mental transcendence.

Using the concepts and understanding presented in the last month’s post we will move a little deeper into understanding of two expressions of consciousness which we perceive as ‘environment’ and ‘race’. The aims are to illustrate why human construct is an ideal vehicle for universal transcendence and lay the foundation for understanding multidimensionality at the structural level. I will stress here that viewing any structure, including socio-political, through the prism of personal experience is incorrect and detrimental for the understanding of such structure. However, becoming more familiar with our own individual multidimensionality accustoms our brain to view systems and structures from and at that level.

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Third Field. Part 2.

and/or Contextualising Environmental Conditioning

Last year I wrote about how nations come into interaction with each other and create a third field. Today I’d like to focus on the micro-level of these interactions comprised mainly of subtle mechanisms of our collective psyche. To make explanations as simple as possible I will use an example of interaction of two people only and illustrate what is included in the third field created through that interaction. I will roughly use the model of Hierarchy 2 to put the explanations in context. My own nomenclature and environmental context of what conditions the third field will also be presented. This post might be of some use to those interested in conflict resolution at the root cause rather than the symptomatic, end stage level.

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ID-entity. Part 2.

Last year, inspired by the Scottish Referendum, I wrote about identity and indicated that externals like family, religion and nation claim the rights to our selves. I put these in ‘external’ category as these groups/phenomena can be easily identified in the outside world in form of members of family, or church, the preachers, politicians, national flags and geography.

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The Crown vs The Sovereign

In 2013 I decided to seriously look at becoming a British citizen. After 10 years of working diligently perhaps there was indeed some extra benefit in holding a British passport. There are several criteria but applying is only possible after one had passed a test of knowledge. There is a preparatory book you need to be learning from for the test, entitled Life in The United Kingdom, a Guide for New Resident. It was a great test of patience ploughing through it. It is really a bigger marketing pamphlet, this book. Knowing the realities of living in the UK reading the skewed version was both enlightening and amusing, especially the last chapter.On page 123 of the manual one is informed that on becoming a British citizen they will be asked to take an oath. It reads:

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Last week on a way to an event, curious as I am, I asked the taxi driver what he thought about the results of the Independence Referendum. An elderly Scot who’d lived through a lot shared his views in an uncommitted way and concluded with: “You know, some countries are able to fight for their freedom, and we quibbled over pennies”. This last sentence caught my attention and made a crack in my self-delusion. I sank deeper into the seat. Could it be that I had been projecting the great spirit of Polish fighters onto Scotland all along? Could it be that Scotland would never deliver what I see it is perfectly capable of? Absolutely. I smiled, as found a deep sense of peace in this realisation. The projection sponsored my inflated sense of possibility. It served its purpose and carried me to the place in global history where projections are no longer needed or necessary. I was ready to have the bubble burst and the taxi driver did that for me. Life brings us answers all the time if we care to listen.

The whole interaction deepened my respect for Attention as the tool of discipline and creation. In my post Touching History I shared briefly how, if we allow it, we can be guided towards transformations. Sometimes we need a specific environment to access parts of ourselves. Our inner and outer worlds are in constant dance, relationship, movement and attention is what connects these worlds. There is a saying that where attention goes the energy flows. It is one, outward aspect of attention. The inner one is ‘where  the energy is stuck, attention goes’. We will be pulled in different directions and every time we are deeply attracted to or repulsed by something it is a sign that an aspect of ourselves is waiting to be integrated. The ‘goal’ of our soul is Wholeness and it will guide us through our senses towards appropriate environment for our realisation. We will see/perceive the outer through the lens of our experience. What we perceive is pointing to what is real (behind the perceived) and the understanding that any experience is both a learning and an illusion. Only by addressing the inner can we alter the outer in  a sustainable fashion. We need to pay attention.

However, the physical reality is designed to distract us: TV, social media, games, economy. If we continually follow the attention to the outside, never inquire what it tells us about our inner world, we will always rely on the guidance of others. That’s why whenever I find myself distracted I consciously re-direct my attention to love. This is where I wish my energy to flow because this is the aspect of humanity I wish to grow. It is the greatest spiritual discipline. To be coming back to love, every time, back and again, however hard it is. Because it is not only roses and gentleness, sometimes it is radical and ‘harsh’, sometimes it slaps the cheeks of the blind or the callous, sometimes it doesn’t let me compromise or bend my standards. And it is there, in the heart, that we find the true sovereign. From that point onward we can only create empowered states of being and empowered nation states. So when I study Stalin or Hitler am I not distracted? Does not the study of conflict influence my gentle soul in a negative way?

In fact it brings me closer to Wholeness and nature of love. My work is my passion and to perform harmonisation effectively I need to understand the elements that are ‘distorted’. This includes understanding situations or people that we’ve been taught to perceive as ‘evil’. It is very easy to disregard Hitler and Stalin as monsters but they were humans, just like you and me, who decided to shape their world according to their vision. Where did they put their attention? Exactly where the financial industry puts it today. But love is all inclusive, even though we like to think differently. For once the ‘thing’, phenomenon, person is understood at an appropriate depth, their nature is revealed to us. Once nature is seen, all need for judgement, opposition or categorization dissolves. What sits at the core of our nature? Please enquire within.
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ID-entity. Part 1.

I had the privilege to live in Scotland when the Referendum on Independence took place. Apart from illuminating milliard of issues, from social, political and structural to psychological, the process inspired some insights on identity and how, through it, our lives, most often unconsciously are being shaped every single day. Very rarely our choices are founded on a truly independent thought, a thought that is independent of identity.SNP pressed the identity button very hard, alienating to some extent the No vote supporters who were after all, also Scottish. Or were they? Were we voting for values or some sort of ‘idea-l’ of Scottishness, rather removed from reality but certainly heavily shaped by historic sentiments. I observed that some natives did not know the difference between their values and ideals when in fact there is a significant discrepancy between the two. But perhaps this is only obvious from an ‘outsider’s’ point of view.

The Referendum was an excellent playground to tease people’s nationality based identities. It drew nicely from two other major social forces claiming rights to our ‘selves’ – family and religion (in form of economy which feeds of religious indoctrination). Try and identify (!) a thought that is not based on some sort of pre-conceived idea about yourself, the world, universe, spirituality, previously read book or your own work – you name it. Regardless of whether we are all for a concept/ group or against it – we are in the grips of hierarchy that pulls our strings right, left and centre. Not only are we puppets to these masters of manipulation but we will fervently defend and protect what we identify with; we will fight for it regardless of how dysfunctional, destructive or life inhibiting the source of our identity. is We cannot know it is happening – it is us! the hierarchy became us, we have created ID-entity especially for the benefit of a family, nation, religion. It is in our blood – becoming aware of it means separation, pain and death. Indeed – death of an identity. Death of an ego.

Awakening is a sticky affair. Perhaps that’s why nations and religions are still going strong, each in deep, self-destructive fight for its own identity. All underpinned by cult of a family, a clan, church  or workplace community. Can we see our own entanglement without leaving the family, country, religion? Can we see what identity our own thoughts are based on without going beyond that thought? And reaching into the safe haven of Love can we remain unidentified with it, not claiming any rights to it or shaping it according to our imaginings; raping it of its power before it had a chance to touch us? Would our world be different had we identified with Love, not its forms?

Please enquire within.

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Cellular Awareness

I was inspired to read one of Dr Lipton’s recent posts Mind Evolution, Global Evolution. In his post Dr Lipton re-affirms a notion I had introduced in Karma, about uniqueness of human construct, which allows us to transform our collective karma (aka history). Albeit derived from a different standpoint Dr Lipton’s findings correspond with my own insights regarding cellular awareness. Human body is the bridge between micro and macro-cosmos. Transformation starts with ‘feeling’ the body.

Why? Because the physical body is the expression of everything that had ‘made’ us up until now. Attitudes, physical, social, mental, emotional and astrological conditioning, environment and internal eco-system, to name but the few, are part of this make up.

Our personal and collective history is locked within our cells, out of our conscious view, as memories. We have to become present to our history (aware of the source or core of memories) if we want to create a different future. We have to become responsible for what appears as ‘our’ part in the collective, through bodily awareness. For what we feel (and don’t feel, the denied aspects) – manifests or expresses itself in the collective human experience on Earth. Creation goes forward as we pay attention to how past manifests within our lives and, through conscious choice, release it from the karmic cycle.

Majority of us are so sensitive about and identified with our history (individual and collective), we are unable to see we came to serve Evolution and ‘future’ species. Consciousness is timeless and will sometimes bring/offer us the ‘memory’ (image and/or feeling) from the collective which can be relevant to our current life experience but is almost always relevant to our Soul theme. This is our opportunity for transformation and change. When we are aware, our choices reflect that. When we are not aware, our actions will always stem from the place of ignorance, reaping more of the same.


Past in Present

After years of exploring human psyche, spirit and nature it is still fascinating for me to observe how many of us have parts of ourSelves left in different spaces, different times. Locked in the past experience, relationship, feeling we repeat the patterns those experiences left in our energy field again and again, seemingly unable to see or move beyond the boundaries set by these patterns.

It is widely taught that to change our reality we need to look into our subconscious, correct our mental attitude, improve our intellectual discipline and it is true to a certain degree. True transformation of reality however comes from acknowledging what is pre-sent in our hearts, how it feels and where it belongs. For the soul is always searching for the circumstances that will let it become whole again and this is done when we become aware of the parts that are not present, that are locked in a different time/space dimension.

There are those who’d been divorced for years yet are still married in their hearts. There are those who never got married and yet energetically they are to those they once loved deeply – and unavailable to the present partner. There are those so loyal to their family they choose not to see that the family members were the source of emotional damage, will belittle or avoid seeing emotions as anything important at all. The patterns of past in present are especially evident in national identities, collectively. The wounds that never healed re-emerging as war. People will find excuses, reasons, explanations, will go far in their imagination just to keep their attention away from what is the reality spoken in their hearts. And they will see(k) fault with others.

It is never about that particular something or someone outside of us, even if we convince ourselves it is – these are only mirrors, the reflecting-backers, the feedbackers – to show us the parts of us that we had not seen before, had not acknowledged the impact our feelings had had and have on us and the course of our life. And the soul yearns to be whole so will attract exactly those people and circumstances that will help it identify the sore place that needs to be healed or the spot that requires expansion. Everyone and everything comes to us to raise awareness. If we choose to see. Yes, it takes courage to dive into reality of our hearts. It is heroic, once you’re there, not to run away and sit with whatever is being revealed to you. And yes, the journey is worth it. Unless you choose otherwise.

In Disguise

Once upon a time there was a man who wore a mask to work. His co-workers only ever saw a man in a mask, not him. When he leaves work, he takes that mask off for he doesn’t need it anymore. And underneath it, there’s another mask. That which he wears for the general public, for those who see him when he’s walking the streets of his city. When he gets home he can finally take it off. And underneath it he finds yet another mask that he shows to his family and friends. And not until he goes to bed does he take that mask off. And finally in the mirror he sees a mask that he shows himself.

We all tell stories. We tell stories to our parents and teachers, we tell stories to friends and lovers whom we don’t want to lose, we tell stories to our manager, partner, husband, doctor. We are being fed stories from the media, sales people, governments, religions, stories are all around us, we no longer know (or had we ever) how to be without a story to cover ourselves or make us feel better. We tell stories to ourselves, every day, guided by the criteria of someone else’s success or failure (also stories), not by the truth that is held in our core.

We will distract ourselves with various activities, images, thoughts, creating stories around how we feel and why rather than acknowledging that the feeling is indicating towards inner reality and the only reality we will ever experience. We are afraid of the knowledge that we experience our life alone, even if in company of another, we don’t want to look at the cruelty we inflict on ourselves and others, we will justify, present excuses and ‘reasons’ , we will close our eyes just to put the truth out of sight. For once you know, you cannot not know, and once you know, you can only grow. Of course a story can make you feel better. An ‘innocent’, invisible kind of drug, a body numbing mind exercise that keeps you busy, confused and disconnected from what is. Is it surprising the world is in conflict?