Nature doesn’t Mind

Observing the events that had been taking place on the international stage for some time has been both fascinating and discouraging to say the least. Says she, sat in the warmth of her home in Scotland, remote from all the tragic events ripping mainland Europe apart.

It is with a fair dose of scepticism that I approach activists for peace and peacemakers. Partly because keeping the concept of peace alive also keeps its opposite alive. ‘Peace’ cannot exist without war, its existence relies on existence of its opposite. Also, war has been reaping great results, in different fields and forms for over a century. WWI was the beginning of globalization as we know it today. From a practical point of view, when we look at war as a business, and a profitable one, peace is simply not competitive. It has no leg to stand on, for it is sustained mainly by ideals.

Existence of armed conflict serves the perpetuation of power as currently perceived by respective governments. Great care is put into ensuring that war and conflict are part of our civilized (??) culture. Many societies and their identities rely on them. Armed conflict is intrinsically interwoven in our psyche and social systems; the current economic system being its major and mutual benefactor. Citizens’ taxes contribute to war. Both the young who are programmed by violent computer games and adults hypnotized by mass media contribute to war and by default will ensure its continuity. It is a beast created by humans that got a life of its own and is about to get out of human control.

Yet, perhaps another global destruction is what is needed for us to understand our purpose or help us perish. Nature doesn’t mind either way. Understandably.   

World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict” Independent,18 August 2014, Click to read the full article.