Underneath Geopolitics

Traditionally geopolitics pertain to  distribution and leverage of power as dictated by geography in relation to other states and continents. Today I’d like to share some insights which inform geopolitics on the outside but operate underneath that which is visible. I will share these by examples of Poland, my country of origin, Scotland, my country of residence, Vatican, due to familiarity with Catholic register and mental imprinting as well as USA due to my interest in how this country conceptualises, embodies and abuses freedom.

The current shape of Poland and its boundaries were decided after WWII. A home to nearly 40 million people, Poland has had its boundaries moved and realigned several times in history and at some point it did ‘not exist’. And because Poland was once what is now Russia and Germany (Map 13) these influences are also present in our psyche. According to Norman Davies Poland is “the most ethnically homogenous state in the whole of Europe” and I see this clustering of pure identity and values in one place as a result of the historic shifts of ‘our’ land.  Another ‘consequence’ is our excellent adaptability which in politics manifests in its shadow form as ‘spineless’ leadership. The history of national boundary influences us all collectively. What is important to understand is that these influences date back to the moment of creation of lands and the changes are observable as energetic layers in the land itself and as historic imprints in our psyche. Additionally our core Slavic wisdom has been, over the centuries, either eradicated or enveloped by religious indoctrination. This sociologically shows as irrational loyalty to Church and close-mindedness and politically means we act either impotent or satirical on international scene.

The second example of energetic influences of land and collective psyche on the ‘tangible’ outcomes is visible in Scotland and specifically in the voting pattern during the recent Referendum. Scotland is geographically very defined, solid and had not been prone to boundary changes as much as Poland. In fact Scottish land runs deepest into Mother Earth among European countries; what happens here, due to law of Nature will have a lasting ripple effect across Europe. The land exudes strength and independence and so does the collective spirit, including Scottish diaspora. However, since 18th century and the Age of Enlightenment, part of the collective psyche detached itself from ‘the body of Scotland’ and has been entirely invested in belief in reason. Energetically it looks like a total split, and it seems that Scottish nation acted out this particular form of schizophrenia last year. It was clearly visible in the nearly 50/50 result of the Referendum, where each side was deeply convinced of their choice but the whole nation at large was far from united in thought.

Vatican, on the other hand, is a perfect example of ideological and strategic unity. Although in my view Catholic thought has had a profoundly detrimental effect on the collective psyche, I am full of admiration for how Vatican runs its affairs. As small as it is, its global influence cannot be denied. Vatican and everyone there knows exactly what the values are (ground), what the Catholic Church wants to achieve (goal) and everyone is absolutely devoted and united in achieving that goal. Even though occasionally its underbelly is ravaged by scandals of paedophilia and money laundering, Vatican has an excellent leader who ensures continuation of power. Pope Francis is inclusive, progressive and expansive and is the first Catholic pope whom I not only agree with on many levels but also value as a person. Certainly someone to be learning from.On the other side of the ‘size’ spectrum is

USA. I have been fascinated with this country for a long time especially in how its complexity is not respected by the government. Looking for the roots of how USA behaves in Middle East and Europe, I naturally looked into the land. It is both fascinating and devastating to observe, the land is covered in scars, which almost never heal, and the ‘weeping’ of the indigenous people can be heard in the background. I receive it as a low, continuous hum, hovering above the land, up to 1 m above but rarely in the mountains. It is not surprising for me that American society is so disconnected, USA never properly ‘landed’ , it’s too difficult to own the history. The disconnection from land can be seen in the epidemic of obesity, dependence on drugs and violence (passive aggressive). The psychological denial is acted out on other, remote lands in Europe. What’s more, each state is really like a country itself, each has its distinct mentality ~ Arizona, California and Oregon for example have deeper capacity for transformation than Texas, New York or Oklahoma. To have one government ‘representing’ all 50 states borders on criminal domination.And returning home, closer to the ugly uncle Britain and Mr Cameron’s continuous rhetoric directed at Mr Putin, it seems Britain is asserting something it is not. Scottish Referendum clearly showed what a divided, confused, psychologically vulnerable and spiritually non-existent nation Britain really is. It’s a historic shell with hollow core, very easy target. Russia has a strong and very integrated spirit, Russians lived through realities which the Brits can only read about and exchange remarks at dinner table. Until that, too, crumbles under the weight of their pride and ignorance.

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The Love of Power

Jimi Hendrix once famously said “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”. I can see how this sentence became popular but it is inconsistent and inaccurate, repeating it only reinforces misconceptions. Here’s why.First of all, among the world leaders, there are very few who are motivated by the love of power. The rest is groping around blindfolded, led by greed, lusting for and abusing power. These aspects represent very low (by low I mean unconsciously animalistic) levels of human psyche. All rather far removed from love. These actions stem from insecurity, lack of internal strength and false self-identification and contribute to the theatre of illusions rather than magnificence of creation. Love on the other hand stems from maturity of the heart and manifests in responsibility, growth, nurturing, support, understanding, communication, respect and inclusion. No one who truly loves power would ever use it for their sole benefit and discrimination of others. They would seek opportunities to ask advice, communicate and understand, to delegate and empower others on all levels of social and political structures. The current world leaders cannot real-is-e the responsibility that comes with their position – it’d crush them. To avoid that realisation they need to objectify by crushing ‘the weak’. None of those currently holding ‘power’ is really empowered.

There are of course plenty of examples of wise leaders who led from love. One of my true inspirations has always been Ewa Letowska, the first Polish Ombudsman (1987-1992) who took the opportunity to manage a department which at the time others believed impossible to sort out or lead. She not only used her education, social status and the ‘political weather’ to bring true changes but was also sensible, grounded, radical and objective in how she proceeded to implement them. Recently my hopes raised Nicola Sturgeon, the current leader of Scottish National Party. She has had an excellent start as a leader and if she remains true to her values, her focus and dedication might steer Scotland to totally new waters.

Coming back to the quote we started with: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace” – certainly appeals to us. It gives us permission to spit at politicians and see ourselves as loving innocents. As much as I’d like to believe it, this is one of the most deluded phrases we could be feeding ourselves with. Love doesn’t do anything – it is sustainability itself, the connector, the transformer. Yes, it is powerful but without the discernment of intellect (as opposed to mind) and direction of intelligence this power cannot ‘do anything’ – it itself has to be directed towards the target of transformation or empowerment, either within or without. By the law of transformation the only lasting and sustainable change will flow from within towards without. Once this is understood and applied by each and one of us, this mechanism can also inform and instruct our institutions and international relations.

I’d rather say that for the peace to flourish the love of power has to be in balance with the power of love. These two aspects have to feed each other to remain strong.

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Political Projections

I’ve been recently inspired by an article, Re-Thinking Middle East written by Avi Melamed. Although Melamed writes about media (which in my view have no moral backbone documenting only what fits and by lack of objectivity contribute to the escalation of conflicts) his article reminded me of a phenomenon I had been observing almost since my emigration to UK in 2003.

In psychology projection is a “theory in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. In my experience projection happens also with the positive attributes (but to a lesser degree) to everybody and every day. In politics however this can take a form of an open or secret bullying of nations which are perceived as lacking something or needing correction by the West (here I mean US and UK). Needless to say it happens within societies and ethnic groups of the same country also.

Now, we have countries like the USA, considered the leading world economic power when in fact the country is in the unrecoverable debt, telling other nations what to do and how to govern. Democracy is failing or is absent altogether in a lot of states yet the USA insists on imposing the system onto countries of a totally different inheritance, culture, mentality and capacity. The arrogance, lack of respect, education and integrity (while waving a flag of a peace-bringer) in this behaviour are soul-cringing. Unable to look at their own mess Americans with obedient poodles from UK go and create mess elsewhere. See Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. It seems post-WWII reputation of the USA has never been properly investigated or re-evalued.

The West had always been aggressive, I sometimes wonder if what is happening right now is not a projection of its impotence over and lack of understanding of the old cultures. The cultures that had created the British Empire and are the roots of a modern American society.

That said, I am a biased European.

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