Systemic Balance

Following from my previous post ‘Nature doesn’t Mind’ I decided to go a little deeper into Nature’s ‘indifference’ and evolutionary focus of planet Earth to give us a different perspective on the current world affairs.

Every system by the law of nature, strives to bring itself to balance internally and towards balance with the adjoining systems. Physically this happens with and within a body of a living organism, a family, community, society, country etc. Just like the cells in the body communicate instantly and each knows what the other is doing (each cellular system of an organ knows what the other is doing) and influence each other, similar interdependencies are present in the ‘outside’ or how I call it – expressed world. In the invisible world, systemic balance relates to aspects of human psyche, soul and spirit as well as his other dimensions, 7 energy bodies and vibrational ‘time scale’. Individually and collectively. Both invisible and expressed worlds also ‘seek’ balance between each other.

Planet Earth is currently undergoing a process of integration. We could see it as our planet ascending but more precisely the process could be described as planet Earth expanding to accommodate higher vibrations. It will complete this process with or without us. The international conflicts deepen as globally ‘we’ strive to balance ourselves with other planets in the galaxy. Humans who aren’t ready to open up to the vibration of Light will leave the planet and en mass. We can expect the conflicts to intensify. Applying reason, resorting to sanctions or conducting international dialogue based on the communications of the past will fail as they do not correspond with what the planet Earth is doing energetically. Earth is doing what it has to do to bring itself into planetary and galactic balance. As human race we matter very little for the process and have no control over it.

The only choice we’ve got is to go with her or not. The only choice for humanity is to transcend its karma collectively.

Political Projections

I’ve been recently inspired by an article, Re-Thinking Middle East written by Avi Melamed. Although Melamed writes about media (which in my view have no moral backbone documenting only what fits and by lack of objectivity contribute to the escalation of conflicts) his article reminded me of a phenomenon I had been observing almost since my emigration to UK in 2003.

In psychology projection is a “theory in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. In my experience projection happens also with the positive attributes (but to a lesser degree) to everybody and every day. In politics however this can take a form of an open or secret bullying of nations which are perceived as lacking something or needing correction by the West (here I mean US and UK). Needless to say it happens within societies and ethnic groups of the same country also.

Now, we have countries like the USA, considered the leading world economic power when in fact the country is in the unrecoverable debt, telling other nations what to do and how to govern. Democracy is failing or is absent altogether in a lot of states yet the USA insists on imposing the system onto countries of a totally different inheritance, culture, mentality and capacity. The arrogance, lack of respect, education and integrity (while waving a flag of a peace-bringer) in this behaviour are soul-cringing. Unable to look at their own mess Americans with obedient poodles from UK go and create mess elsewhere. See Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. It seems post-WWII reputation of the USA has never been properly investigated or re-evalued.

The West had always been aggressive, I sometimes wonder if what is happening right now is not a projection of its impotence over and lack of understanding of the old cultures. The cultures that had created the British Empire and are the roots of a modern American society.

That said, I am a biased European.

Further reading: Noam Chomsky. Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy