The 7 D

As parts of humanity are starting to experience the manifestations of dissolution of the archetypal structures, I will very briefly introduce the topic of 7 D. As before, I will only use the terminology and interpretations which are readily available to human collective awareness. I will mention and aim to describe only the properties and elements which I see as relevant and relating to the human condition in its current state.

In previous posts, I referred to 7D as the realm of instant creation and manifestation. I’d like to unpick these terms slightly in context of the 7D. Humanity has displayed deep misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding this realm, one of the most common is that this is ’God’, the source. Then, we believe that decisions are being made here akin to our judgement. Finally, there is one which dictates that this is the source of All.

The 7D is a wave and a frequency but not vibration. In some teachings a wave is the same as frequency, yet I don’t see how these are compatible or equating to each other in 7D. In this ‘density’ enormous ‘amount’ of data is being handled, that is becoming available to exist or collapse. The creation has little intention behind it and is simultaneous with manifestation, the instant creation is the instant manifestation at the same time. The ‘creation’ is simply the friction or the ‘third’ (expressed in billiards per second) information produced at the meeting point or collision of information. There are layers and swathes of information travelling in ‘all directions’ and ‘depths’ permeating all with all at ‘the speed of light’. Some call this process binary calculations.

This density ‘recognises’ no scale, time or impossibility (which is different to limit – limit very often enables the impossible) and has no will of its own. Through the collision of information realities, planets, certain types of human constructs (data gatherers or collectors who have no other purpose than the consumption of data, ideas and other constructs for the sake of gaining information), collective structures, rarely universes are being instantly enabled and manifested, regardless of their complexity. It is all the same here, whether ‘a human is created’, the whole society or structure. What ‘happens’ in no time here, in 3 and 4 D, would take 9 months while incubating a human child, centuries or millennia while implementing a particular structure.

What determines if a particular reality ‘becomes’ experienced are the conditions of the environment. This assessment happens instantly without discernment – as mentioned before, above 6D duality doesn’t apply, so whether it is a ‘conflict’, an agreement, structure or a particular level of consciousness present on the collective fractal which is to ‘descend’ into a given environment, makes no difference in 7D. This density has very little if any contact with 3D, here it is humans (to a certain extent) who determine if the realities and environments available and present in 5 and 6D can collapse ‘deeper’ or further into their own experience.

For example, at the most simplistic level, the physical body can be either an environment for a disease (acidic) or for harmony (alkaline), where mental patterns and attitudes contribute to the state of the physical environment. In the realm of disease we have quite complex ones, like cancer. There are the benign and malignant variations. While looking at these it is good to consider that some environments have been created over the generations and still function as a generational unit. So, for example, a patient might be doing everything correctly in regards to diet, mental attitude and spiritual practice and still not being able to dissolve the cancerous cells – in this case, a manifestation of the ‘father’s sin’ from 3 generations before (the grand, grandfather’s secret child or family for example – see ‘sin’ in previous post). Let me mention here that chemotherapy always kills a human physical form, although might function as a sedative for the mind and has a calming effect on psychological structure.

Another example is a human egg – it can be an inviting environment for the sperm (which does not determine the success of the pregnancy – miscarriage and still birth can still happen if the environment is not coherent) or not. It is both a random and the strongest sperm which reaches the egg. Similar with information, yet validity of a reality is not influenced by the environment, simply supported by it. Collectively, on the abstract level, ideas like peace, freedom and independence got hold of human brains; for the most part they function as archetypes (which we know are now dissolving). What many of us miss is that Earth is a very complex Being as well as a material planet. It had been so scarred and is still being raped by oil drilling and deforestation that no amount of human effort could make it a compatible environment for the noble ideas mentioned.

Aside from that, in 3 and 4D ideas of peace reinforce the existence of its opposite but have no competitive strategy to prevail. There is no place for duality in 5D and above, neither concept exists, any polarities are experienced as compatible in neutrality (behaviours of polarity in non-duality are beautifully described in Schopenhauer’s World as Will and Idea).

The last thing I will share here is the relation of humans to 7D. We cannot reach 7D from 3 or 4D, only 5D. For many the 7D represents the Almighty, the unattainable ideal, but it had been misconstructed in their understading from the start. Of course, those who are in grips of mental confusion and karmic structures, will see and take anything above that structure as an ideal, for example someone from the karmic perspective can only see ‘higher’ into the 4D of the collective indoctrination. To the religious fanatics, God dictates to go and kill – in their realm, even though they only reached into the 4D for their God –  their God is correct and they are correct. Until the archetypes of Divinity and ‘godly’ fully dissolve conversations around implementing prototype structures will prove futile.

Yet, 7D is always accessible for those who are clear in their Soul and Mind. Reality which has a chance to exist (is picked from the ‘infinity of potentials’ as the new agers like to call it) will get itself known to humans by ‘heart pulling’, will be recognised as a heart’s desire for fulfilment. At this stage Beings, connected to the collective Will of Whole (paradoxically, individuals or societies with no independent Will of their own are of little if any use to the collective Will) won’t find any joy anywhere but in obeying their heart’s ‘knowledge’.

With regards to the level of awareness represented by 7D, on the fractal ladder, this is the first ‘point’ of conscious thought available to humans, although still not diamond in its structure. It is the clustering of ‘potentials’ of human ‘highest’ awareness (when looked at from 3D) and the ‘lowest’ awareness when seen from the supralevel. Using this measure we can confidently say that currently humans operate from and represent both a reductionist and corrupt mentality rather than any level of available awareness.

7D is the first point of complex structures which run across ‘depth’ and ‘length’ of space (as point of awareness, not functionality of density). Beings who manifest as such in 6D don’t originate in 7D but will always have it available as the source of insight.

Only those with an independent will, relevant mental environment and soul stamina can decide which levels of knowledge, awareness and clarity become available to them (other than ‘assigned’ within incarnation. Here we come across a choice to strip and outgrow conditions and algorithms of our own incarnation).

The rest can function pretty well on simple algorithms of functionality (like trees and simple organisms: amebae or plankton) until decomposition of their physical form.

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