The Art of Asking

This post is offered as an appendix, extension or under~layer of my previous post On Media…

The Universe always brings us answers to our questions and always in form of an actual, direct experience. Some dragged prayer and God into it, wrongly assuming that only ‘the good’ will be answered. Delivery of that which had been summoned through question is law, it is not discriminatory or selective and it always works. Just like the law of gravity, (as applied in the 3rd dimension), it affects everyone regardless of opinion, history, status. This law is created ‘above’ the 3rd dimension and ‘trickles down’. Because our average life span doesn’t currently go beyond 100 years, some answers are delivered to the generations that succeed the The One who asked. As per Hierarchy 1 and Hierarchy 2 , the more profound the question asked, the more ‘time’ it takes for the magnetism of Earth (and the human Heart) to gather data to deliver the answer. Are we aware of what we are asking?

This introduction is important as what we are currently experiencing on the planet has been to some extent summoned and delivered by us, humans, collectively, due to our non-discernment of the underlying agendas of the media, our addiction to it and ignorance of the nature of mind. Here’s how it is done, and most of us are unconscious to the process.

Media utilises, magnetises and corrupts our attention. There is nothing of value presented in the mass media or papers but the media are skilled at seeking, attracting and keeping our attention. Attention is connecting our inner resources of energy, emotion and intellect with the outside world. We are constantly exposed to stimuli of various kinds and because the natural faculty of the mind is to ask questions, we generate them by default, whether aware of it or not. Majority of us are ignorant to the law which, by default, delivers answers, through direct experience.

The material selected to be presented in the media is navigated by those who benefit from the military and perversion of human ethics, directly or indirectly. Their operation through the media is covert and launched on the mass, collective scale, harvesting its intellectual capacity. The trick of this double edge sword is that it targets everyone exposed. So those who are sensitive and see what is happening in the world inwardly ask “How can this happen??” ~ remember the answer will be delivered in form of direct experience. Those who don’t care, turn their eyes away, desensitizing and disconnecting themselves even further; energy of the heart intimidated even deeper. In both cases agendas of ‘mind controllers and benefactors of war’ is fulfilled, if not this decade then the next. Media doesn’t belong to anyone but manipulates everyone from behind their own Shadow; once damage is done there will be no one to take responsibility. After all we have all created the chaos and disaster, unconsciously summoning the Shadow to show itself.

For if we look at ourselves objectively, we will see we are constantly being co-created by ourselves, others, circumstances, desires and we co-create others and events with our own asking. It is said that people like Adolf Hitler were the product of the environment, circumstances and time they were born into. And who do we think created that environment? Some old man upstairs? That’s child’s magical, unrealistic, not investigated thinking. From supra level it is evident that both Nelson Mandela and Adolf Hitler were / came as an answer to the collective asking of their nations. Mandela delivered through his realised spirit and achieved results accordingly. Hitler delivered through the non~integrated mind and corrupted heart energy and achieved results accordingly. Not surprisingly Germany’s economy stands so well today, bodies of many, dead and alive, built it.

So before we judge, disregard or diminish another or ourselves, let us remember, we are an Answer to someone’s asking. Perhaps the asking came during the Civil War of the indigenous people of Native America, maybe earlier, maybe it is only Now that the environment and culture are ready for the answers to be delivered successfully. Let us not rely on the mystic and mysterious ways of some imagined god or master who comes in their name. It is time for our own mastery. For if there has ever been any god – We Are It – collectively. And as each and every one of us is part of the Whole and plays an important role, so do the nations of the planet. As long as we know where our Northern Star is, we will Know The Way. When it is a country which has agreed a role of a Northern Star for others, the stakes are high. Yet we are never given a Dream which we cannot real~is~e.

What were the questions that we had asked? What questions do we ask today? Are we aware? Those questions are seeds and have already summoned the answer. What we think and do today quite literally changes our future.

Let us care to be aware.

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