The Crown vs The Sovereign

In 2013 I decided to seriously look at becoming a British citizen. After 10 years of working diligently perhaps there was indeed some extra benefit in holding a British passport. There are several criteria but applying is only possible after one had passed a test of knowledge. There is a preparatory book you need to be learning from for the test, entitled Life in The United Kingdom, a Guide for New Resident. It was a great test of patience ploughing through it. It is really a bigger marketing pamphlet, this book. Knowing the realities of living in the UK reading the skewed version was both enlightening and amusing, especially the last chapter.On page 123 of the manual one is informed that on becoming a British citizen they will be asked to take an oath. It reads:

“I (name) swear by Almighty God that on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her Heirs and Successors, according to law. ”

After reading  this sentence I sighed deeply and put the book down, never to look at it again. I could never consciously say such words or commit to such an oath. The Brits don’t go through the process of vowing – they are born into the state, they inherit the subservience in their psyche. But no truly sovereign individual could ever be the subject of another, in any way, shape or form. He will not make himself a subject to any group, ideology, his own ideas, opinions, or doubts and he might have many.

I wasn’t fully aware of it at the time but the decision had been made in my heart. Whatever it meant for my status; missed financial opportunities, social disadvantage, forced leave from UK further down the line, there was no way I would be applying for British citizenship. I was going to wait for the Scottish one.

So far Scotland has kept my hopes up and they are rising parallel to the influence of the SNP. The result of the recent general elections is a fertile soil in which to  grow everything that Scots hold dear. Conservatives are the only worthy partner for the SNP and David Cameron is the only and the best ‘opponent’ leader Nicola Sturgeon could and should be ‘paired with’ to grow in strength. Naturally, she will need unaltered faith of the undivided in Thought, dedicated nation to support her.

darling Scotland…. ~  take Heart…

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