The High Kind

… or the prologue to becoming racially neutral.

Having observed and experienced humans at varying degrees of intensity and intimacy I asked, what is it, this high-quality human which the universe seems to be in favour of, places ‘value’ on and accepts high spiritual and intellectual demands from. *

I took time to see if there were any overlapping values, behaviours and understanding between the so called human kind and the ‘high kind’. Sadly, yet not surprisingly there were very few to be seen. Bewildering, since humans have the access to one of the grandest tools in their reality – their mind. Yet even those who are labelled by general populace as snobs or intellectual snobs are rarely near the access to cosmic complexity which could provide us with total harmony in our environment.

On one level it has no meaning, and matters not. On another, this translates into fragmented experiences of human groups like refugees, migrants and the historically stigmatised, as well as incongruent political structures or planetary tensions. It also leaves majority of humanity isolated from the larger picture of life, themselves, each other and their essence, which is the most profound vehicle for true communication and elevation. Through our essence we are able to see into and appreciate complexity which is intricately woven into our Being as ‘race’.

It is questionable if humans, in their various activities focused in social, psychological or planetary conditioning, can rise in their mass to occupy their high mind, re-define their own interactions and identify humanity’s universal purpose. The key is sat within human construct yet is also celestially conditioned. On a very impersonal level the elevation of Beings happens through assessment of compatibility of their data output (emotion ~ information ~ complexity) with the ‘space structure’ of a given dimension or value. On an individual level, this is experienced in fluidity between the mind, high mind and heart, refined vision and clarity and expressed as integrity.

Mind ~ High Mind ~ Heart

I understood that somehow, even if humans are well equipped to operate within their minds or their hearts or their high minds separately, they rarely seem to exhibit fluidity or interconnectedness between those realms. Depending on the environmental context or circumstances of an individual this seemed to be due to the realms of the mind, high mind and heart being misaligned with each other, focused or occupied by diverging subject matter in each realm, speed of operation, capacity of recognition of each realm for recognition of its subject matter and speed as well as flexibility or plasticity of each realm to adjust the speed and capacity of recognition to include (or omit, where appropriate) the remaining realms.

For example, the high mind will have a great capacity to recognise, navigate and work with abstracts and so will be occupied with this subject matter regardless of the physical placement or being of ‘its owner’. At the same ‘time’ the mind, socially, linguistically and scholarly conditioned will be occupied (at a lower speed and higher density) with a linear or horizontal analysis of environmental or its own conditions. This will have no relevance to the abstracts which the high mind is occupied with. The mind will show no capacity for recognition of speed or subject matter of the high mind. Deeper still, within the same being, there will be a realm of the heart with its emotional conditioning, dramas and romantic occupations. At that level subject matters of the mind and heart can intermingle as both will be drawn to or magnetised with conditioning yet this inhibits true recognition of each. The occupation of high mind will seem to be of no relevance, as such will experience no input or flow from the heart, and will remain inanimate. The Being is static, the realms isolated recycling data within themselves, degrading it further and further.

At this stage, I’d like to clarify what is meant by the process of data degradation and what conditions prevent a Being from contributing at a galactic level.

The connection between thought and emotion seems to have been documented or recorded by various teachers, therapists and sources. Whether it is true and real I am unable to tell, however what I have observed is that both thought and emotion emanate a particular frequency (they are not the same in nature). Due to isolation of realms it is possible for someone to be emotionally higher in frequency than they are in their thought frequency. Which realm takes precedence is for everyone to discover themselves. Recycling an emotion within the pattern of a conditioning degrades its essence. For example if frustration is the repeated occurrence despite a different person, event or circumstance present in our environment, each time this ‘emotion’ is emitted, less and less substance, essence and data it emanates. If the information carried in ‘frustration’ is not made aware of and integrated it becomes obsolete and useless on every level of human capacity and interaction, the human Being is in decline.

The same process applies to thought, although this form influences 3 and 4D more than it could ever influence 5D or higher densities.

It is the high mind which has access to our essence, occasionally recognised through our hearts, when stillness, calm and openness are given space to reside there. Why so many humans seem to be active in 3 and 4D, but absent from creation in 5D and above? Because to have their high mind drop into their hearts, the brain mind needs to be of pure and clear content, intention and frequency. But too many have their minds clogged with repeated thought patterns, degraded data and conditioning. In the heart space all content gets amplified, the heart transmits to other realms of the universe ~ it does not serve the Collective to have a corrupt mind influence its structure therefore ‘celestially’ such a mind is ‘forbidden’ or prevented from dropping into the heart of a Being. The heart will remain closed with no access to 5D or higher realms of the fine human awareness.

Naturally, in such circumstances any alignment in realms of mind, high mind and heart (which aids fluidity of a Being) is disrupted or disabled. The essence of a Being has little chance for knowing itself, let alone expression or conscious contribution to the refinement of the collective mind.

Our, human essence has the capacity and ‘wisdom’ to recognise, appreciate, assimilate and respect complexity. Complexity in my understanding is different to complication. Complication occurs when we exercise judgement over our own conditions, conditions of the environment or another. It can only happen in the mind, mainly in 4D, sometimes 3D. Repeated judgement, creates loops within and among different levels of conditioning of the brain and the brain mind resulting in complication. Complication is horizontal and linear, complexity is ‘spatial’ and geometric.

Next month we will aim to show how appreciation of complexity allows for neutrality to occur even when dealing with highly divergent conditioning of whole civilizational groups or clusters.

  • who and whom seem to indicate to person or personality in linguistic terms. although grammatically ‘incorrect’ in the sentence, what and which seem to encompass more of what complexity and Being comprise of irrespective of personality, self or false (ego) self residing or being given space to within a Being.

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