Third Field. Part 2.

and/or Contextualising Environmental Conditioning

Last year I wrote about how nations come into interaction with each other and create a third field. Today I’d like to focus on the micro-level of these interactions comprised mainly of subtle mechanisms of our collective psyche. To make explanations as simple as possible I will use an example of interaction of two people only and illustrate what is included in the third field created through that interaction. I will roughly use the model of Hierarchy 2 to put the explanations in context. My own nomenclature and environmental context of what conditions the third field will also be presented. This post might be of some use to those interested in conflict resolution at the root cause rather than the symptomatic, end stage level.

To begin with let me clarify that whenever I use ‘above’ or from ‘above’ what I refer to is an entity, encoding or reality of the higher frequency. It is only above and higher from the Earthly point of view where gravity is still binding, or indicating to a larger scale where we look at Earth from the galactic point of view. Whenever I use ‘human’ I mean anyone and everyone appearing human regardless of the incarnated race they embody, regardless of the level of consciousness the Being within that incarnation brings or represents.

Secondly, the contexts I refer to in this post are mainly densities. I will use 3, 4, 5 density the most and occasionally refer to 6 and 7 densities. The Hierarchy does not apply directly, it is not linear as in the diagram as each level has its own variations. The levels are not equivalent to the densities as, for example, cosmic laws are present in every density but each density will have varying dimensions to which cosmic laws might apply in varying degrees or not at all.

What I mean by 3 density is everything that we perceive as physical, solid, tangible, usually understood through 5 senses, the ‘thickest’, most tightly knit energetic fabric of the all other mentioned densities. The 4 density is the level of, what is called in esoteric terms, the mental universe. Here are included all thought forms, ideologies, indoctrination, mental and emotional entanglements, it is this density (together with the 3rd) in which we experience karma. Here all rules of mentality abide. That’s where politicians are most comfortable due to available duality and mental chaos of concepts.

Illusions can only be sustained (perpetuated) in visually oriented (mental) reality of 4D. At a particular level of consciousness ‘inhabiting’ the 4D we will come across a phenomenon of mirroring. Let us remember it is only available, working and relevant within that spectrum of consciousness. It is most relevant for the image oriented mind.

The mirror can only reflect back a vibration. In a 4D reality that which vibrates is either an illusion and/or indicates to a vibrational entanglement in (time/space): indicates a vibrational reality where our energy is still invested (for a lot of us it is ‘our past’, that is the memory, or imprint of our own selves at that/particular time. In the timeless fabric of consciousness a memory of something looks like a crumbled piece of sheet of paper – emotional entanglement, the major component of karma). The vibration can also indicate to the energy which had been infested with the non-organic matter (non-organic, that is not derived from the Soul and its environment ~ clarity).

The mirroring can still successfully operate in 5D. However, for the awakened soul these are no longer aspects of itself, the self (ego or false self) or experiences of this or other lifetimes that are being reflected but cosmic realities, knowledge and encodings of galactic alchemisation. Note: ‘awakened’ can be referred to as such only from a 3D reality/perspective. In f-actuality of Itself, awakened, or fully aware, is the soul’s primary state. Here, in 5D the core values embodied are ‘space’, respect, neutrality. Communication no longer happens telepathically, as it can in 4D, but is quicker, occurring solely in/through the heart centre. 5D is known as the density of the heart.

Moving on briefly to 6D and 7D. In 6D beings are really blended, they don’t differentiate between each other although are still aware of their uniqueness. Communication happens only through awareness of themselves and their environment. 7D is the seat of instant creation and manifestation. Some refer to this level of awareness as God, but the closest descriptive we can recognise is ‘god head’. It is not separate from us but is us. Due to manipulations in 4D few of us create from 7D level. For the balance there is not enough of this vertical creative input. Humans create mainly horizontally, gathering from and ejecting into 3D and 4D only, ending up with ever tighter karma and failed solutions. Let me mention that religions operate solely through 4D manipulations so there is really no vertical insights present, regardless of their claims. Earth, however, is on its way to 7D which is by no means her final destination.

The higher we go in density, the ‘less cluttered our space’ or mentality. We become less solid yet more of our Essence is present. Paradoxically, almost opposite to its linguistic meaning, since we usually associate essence with concentration / concentrated in one place, intensified. Densities co-exist simultaneously and can be accessed simultaneously. Each represents different level of consciousness. When one is stuck in a particular density they will not be able to see anyone whose frequency is significantly different. Too divergent levels of consciousness ‘don’t see each other’ when we don’t have a reference point to relate to, like an experience. And here lies the key to drive understanding into any conversation.

For example we often complain that politicians don’t see, they don’t understand. It’s natural – many of them grew up in political environment and were trained to be politicians from a very early age. They operate within mental and linguistic jargon, don’t know any other language. Additionally, they are stuck in the proverbial four walls of the cabinets, parliaments, assemblies. Their minds naturally take on the form of their environment. How can we complain their solutions are short sighted when we expect them to sit in boxes? If you want them to see, take them to the woods, show and explain your point of view. They’d be glad to get out and be reminded they are human beings and have the same right to simplicity as us. It is SO much easier to breathe and think among the trees of ancient wisdom. All nature rests in 5D so is an immediate connector between ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ densities.

Let us move onto the conditioning of the third field.

In an instant when two individuals meet, they are ‘consciously’ aware of around 3% of what is occurring at the meeting point. They will go into interaction on a visual, verbal and sometimes physical level. It is at the physical level that all of their conditioning is activated and starts to go into interaction on every level: private, social, archetypal, Soul and galactic. The simplest physical interaction is a handshake, which is typically performed when people are introduced to each other, it is also customary in political and diplomatic environments. The deepest physical interaction is a sexual encounter / physical love making or, on its ‘opposite’ spectrum an act of violence or killing. In all these circumstances Beings have an opportunity to tighten/entangle their karma deeper or to resolve it.

As we can see from the illustration (Rys 50) *** the layers of our conditioning come into interaction with the conditioning of another. Some conditioning (whether we are aware of it or not) is compatible with that of another’s, forming a ‘bond’ or binds us in a particular way. These are elements or channels of communication we can explore smoothly, these things we see as connecting us. Some elements of our conditioning will go into interaction with another’s forming ‘friction’ (red line), a total disagreement and will produce a ‘push away’ effect, like in a reverse magnet. Let us remember, no actual incarnation or Being has a chance to speak or be present here as our interaction is navigated, directed and dominated by archetypes, conditioning and passed on algorithms that in no way relate to our own encoding.

Now let us look at the basic levels of conditioning we are typically dealing with. Let’s use the template of Hierarchy 2. At the level of human laws we will see conditioning passed on from our blood, biological family and their ancestors, biological conditions, any behavioural or thought processing algorithms that we, as children, took for a fact, rather than an option. For example when a parent or teacher says: you are clever, intelligent, slow, inadequate, we take it for a fact rather than an opinion simply because we have no other point of reference. These opinions become our first points of awareness if we choose so. Let us always consider wisely how we address and what we say to any children we encounter or to our own, especially before their 3rd year, for ‘what you say to your child becomes their inner voice’. This is the first layer of conditioning always operating in 3D, always interacting.

At the ‘second’ level of natural laws we encounter astrological conditioning, that which pertains to our personality, the ‘cosmic time’ or a puncture in Consciousness in which we descended from ‘above’ to the 3D. Here we have the 12 zodiac range which will tell us that Geminis are this and Capricorns are that, that these are the pathways we usually take or that certain professions are better for us than others. Some say astrology speaks of and to human soul but I’d suggest it is rather the psychology of personality which operates in 4D. Here we need to take into account that modern astrology is ‘off kilter’ as it ignores 3 ‘additional’ planets which science had never detected that are continuous part of the system and its balancing. Naturally the conditioning of our ‘preferences’ is part of the interaction, some people will gel, some won’t. Whether we resolve planetary conditioning/karma or not depends on our clarity, stamina and decisions. Awareness no longer bound by this conditioning can start experiencing freedom.

At the third level of ‘cosmic laws’ we are dealing with the conditioning of the Soul, its agreements, contracts, lessons, growth. Here is found what we call dharma. We can see many spiritual teachers performing their dharma however they still operate from the point of conditioned soul, be it the conditioning of 6D, it is still bondage. A Being who grows through this conditioning no longer has to follow Its dharma but can direct it and co-create it further. From this point onward a Being can create its own laws. Humans are very rarely aware they are being brought together by their dharmic agreements, but it is the case in the 80-90% of conflict situations, be it personal, or national, as civilisations, present in nation states, embody and represent different levels of consciousness.

Moving deeper into the core of the third field and nature of conflict, let us imagine, the two people who met and had enough of conditioning interaction that gelled, decided to bring into form another human being. The fresh encoding, summoned through the two Souls agreement (unfortunately in human society, in 60% cases – as a result of interaction of biological or social conditioning) lands right in the middle of the layered conditioning of its ‘parents’. The core of the third field, unless it goes through a hard work of stripping off the ‘foreign’ conditioning/algorithms, which it intuitively knows are imprisoning it, will not be given the right to exist. This has been a continuous game of political and religious orders, to not give Beings the right to exist, so that they don’t set aLight their original encodings.

Sometimes the conditioning is simply too hard to bear, so in the best scenario we go into denial and in the worst, a Being decides to terminate its own Journey through suicide. On a collective level, which is of course far more complicated and complex, these entanglements at extreme point can result in genocide, clearings or bombings.

To briefly illustrate how conditioning can operate collectively, I’ll use an example of Scotland, which is all the more relevant since a lot of its energy is still invested it its history. At a collective, dharmic level Scotland has its own purpose known only to those who are native to this land. However when we look at Scotland’s collective subconscious (4 and into 5D) we will see it is still very fragmented and operating in terms of clans. Naturally warm hearted Scots have this history playing out in their psyche, those who are not of ‘their’ clan are rejected, usually whacked on the head with a club. Families play it out in the present day and sometimes you can see mothers expressing their care for their children by yelling and swearing at them. It seems one intention is expressed through its reverse. It is funny to observe but confusing to experience. Here we observe how the biological and ancestral conditioning can manifest in the present, between Scots (criminal cases in Glasgow) and Scots at home and other nationalities as intolerance.

My last few words here will be for Europe. At a personal level it is not greatly difficult to rid oneself of karmic conditioning, children aged 12 are usually operating outside of it, in a connected, ‘enlightened’ state but are usually pushed ‘back’ into karma by their parents. When we know who we are it is almost impossible to accept or consider a concept, idea, person that is coming from any level of non-transcended conditioning. To know who we are we need to know our history. And here comes a little trick for Europeans. Between 1910 up until 1970 across Europe (from Russia, through central Europe, Italy, Spain, Ireland, to Shetland) monarchies, governments and churches, took deep care to misplace important but uncomfortable individuals. To ‘confuse’ their origin, they would place babies in a different country, usually in a rural area, ensuring the Church has an incorrect birth certificate as the correct and only version.

For example, there will be those of us who believe our grandmother was of Spanish origin. She had a Spanish name, and birth certificate would say she had been born in Spain, of Spanish parents. But she would be in fact of Russian descent, and no one would ever know. We have believed in a fabricated history. Our true identity had been denied. This is the case with up to 37% of European population. We cannot know who we are if we had been fed the wrong history. With our physical DNA, comes, aligned with it, the light DNA and its encodings, our galactic heritage and gifts of our dharma. How can we ever deliver them if we live by incorrect conditioning, unaware of our own ‘parentage’. When this conditioning comes into interaction with another of similar, fabricated, kind, only immense friction can result, and we will never know what hit us. At this stage encodings of the third field have almost no chance to ever come into Light.

Immigration, free movement of people and crises Europe is currently dealing with have much deeper roots than economy or democracies would have us believe. The roots of many have been hidden, so that we don’t know who we are and can be easily infused by the mechanisms of the 4D manipulators.

How does this relate, if at all, to the Third Filed in Part 1?

to be continued..

*** The illustration also shows a spiral of awareness (‘our own’ ~ awareness available to us during any given incarnation) as we rise in it and will encounter our own conditioning (and that of another we are in interaction with) during ‘our rising’. The frictions can happen at any level of conditioning. The conditioning that was biding can help resolve the frictions before it is resolved itself for the free flow of energy and information between two individuals (groups, nations, civilisations). It helps to remember that sometimes our own conditioning comes into friction with itself at a different level, locking the meaning of the newly ‘gained’ awareness into another conditioned pattern.

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